2012 Seahawks QB Candidates: Jason Campbell

Jason Campbell, Oakland Raiders

6-5, 223 Lbs

2012 Age: 31 years old

Jason Campbell has gotten screwed at every step of his NFL career.


What we like:

Great physical tools, good arm talent

Remains viable despite a career of adversity

Great size for NFL quarterback

Has shown scheme versatility


What we don’t like:

Coming off of a broken collarbone

Limited West Coast Offense experience

Has never put together a full good season

Not as mobile as he once was



Were it not for a broken collarbone and a trade for Carson Palmer, Campbell would likely be off the market. He’s really seemed to find his place in Oakland, which was good for him considering that he’s had a ton of different coaching staffs and offensive coordinators since his freshman year of college. Campbell probably won’t get a starting job next year, and that will be no different in Seattle, and he’s probably not an upgrade over Tarvaris Jackson on paper, but is a viable backup candidate. If the Seahawks decide to draft a quarterback early, but still want to compete for a playoff spot, Campbell might make a lot of sense as a back up.

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