Mariners Mini Morsels: August 12

One of the pleasures of surfing the net is in finding new things that you enjoy. My find of this week has to be This Week In GIFs: No one is good at baseball by Jon Bois at SB Nation. You can find it here. Jon also has a new site named The GIF Oracle, a GIF lover’s paradise, which you can visit here. His offering this week is eight of the ugliest efforts available and you can vote for the winner yourself. The scary part is that two of the eight offerings are by the Ms Raul Ibanez and Michael Saunders. Hey, if there’s one thing Ms fans know it’s ugly baseball.

The A’s Josh Reddick broke an 0-for-20 slump with three dingers against the Blue Jays Friday night and then added two more on Saturday afternoon. As noted by SI’s Cliff Corcoran, not only did it take him just 8 PA to match his home run total from his previous 316, but Reddick was just the 23rd ever to hit five home runs over two consecutive games since modern era records began in 1916.  The only men ever to hit five home runs in a single day, via double-headers, were Stan Musial in 1954 and the Padres’ Nate Colbert in 1972. Thus confirming once again that baseball is truly a numbers game.

Carrying on by the numbers, Mike Curto noted in the Tacoma News Tribune last week that Stefen Romero picked a good moment to do something that nobody had done in nearly 54 years of Tacoma professional baseball. Romero snapped a tie with a grand slam in the seventh inning, leading the Rainiers to a 6-2 win over the Albuquerque Isotopes in the opener of an eight-game trip. It was the third grand slam of the season for Romero. While more than 25 Tacoma players have hit two grand slams in a season, Romero became the first to hit three in a season. Now you know.

Neat Tweets

Evan Longoria to Cliff Corcoran at SI.

“There’s always going to be people that try and beat the system, but as far as punishment goes, I definitely feel the risk needs to outweigh the reward. The risk of a 50-game suspension does not outweigh the possibility of a guy playing half or three-quarters of a season and putting up career numbers and getting the contract the next year based off their play. . . . It seems more players are starting to come forward and voicing their opinion negatively about cheating and PEDs. The penalties could get more severe because guys want it out of the game.”

Mike Scioscia on Josh Hamilton’s future in the L A Times:

“Nobody has a crystal ball, but I can’t imagine, with his bat speed still what it is, him being as athletic as he’s ever been, that this is something that will play out in anything but a positive way.”

I think that sounds like California Dreamin’.

According to MLB Reports the Astros only have a $19 Million Dollar Payroll this year now after the Trade Deadline. With trading Bud Norris and Jose Veras this week, their highest paid player that is on their Roster is Erik Bedard at $1.25 Million for this year. MLB allowing this is just wrong.