Russell Wilson added to Pro Bowl roster

Seahawks rookie quarterback Russell Wilson has been added to the NFC squad in this years Pro Bowl. He replaces quarterback Matt Ryan, who withdrew because of an injury he sustained in the NFC Championship game vs. the 49ers.

Wilson should have been named as an alternate to the Pro Bowl in the first place, but I suppose this is still an extreme honor to Wilson. It looks like him and his wife can have an extended honey moon in Hawaii.

Well, less than seven days, Russell…

He joins Marshawn Lynch, Leon Washington, Max Unger, Russell Okung, and Earl Thomas to make a Seahawks squad of six. Wilson being named to the Pro Bowl means he is the first Seahawks quarterback to go since Matt Hasselbeck in 2007.

I think this is a wonderful honor for Wilson, but just get rid of the Pro Bowl for Christ’s sake! You have players, whom some don’t even deserve to be there barely tapping each other on each play. Last years Pro Bowl was a prime example. Give the “Star” players some end of the year awards, but playing a meaningless game makes no sense that risks injury.

Rodger Goodell has pulled stupid shit before, pulling the Pro Bowl would be one his smarter moves I would see him make. It’s football yes, but I’d rather be watching high school ball rather than millionaires play on vacation. Just my thoughts!