Chip Kelly Finally Takes the Philadelphia Eagles Job and Seahawks and Huskies Fans Should All Be Happy About It

The Oregon Ducks will never be the same without Chip Kelly. If sanctions come down like the rest of the Pac 12 hopes then they wouldn’t have been anyways.

Today was a good day for Huskies and Seahawks fans alike. The morning started with the news that the Chicago Bears had hired Marc Trestman, a CFL head coach, thus eliminating Darrell Bevell from their search. But the better news came later in the day when we found out that Chip Kelly, the czar of the no-huddle, the evader of sanctions, the almighty ruler of reneging had taken the Philadelphia Eagles job.

I mean, Chip Kelly made the Tampa Bay Buccaneers job look like Manti Te’o’s girlfriend, he made the Eagles feel like Notre Dame’s defense in the BCS championship, and now he leaves Oregon feeling a bit like anyone who still supports Lance Armstrong.

To review those were non-existent, non-existent, and late-to-the-fucking-party.

Chip Kelly is no longer a coach in the Pac 12, and also good news is that Gus Bradley, who was considered the front-runner for the Eagles job until the eleventh hour hiring of Kelly, remains the Seahawks defensive coordinator.

Of Chip Kelly, in a post titled “The Chip Kelly Clusterfuck,” one-time NASORB writer Sean Kramer had this to say:

Last night while most of us were enjoying the NFC Championship game tweets started to surface that Chip Kelly was abandoning ship at Oregon in order to jump on the ship at Raymond James to coach the Bucs.

Of course, this came with rumors of Chip Kelly jumping ship because of Pete Carroll – Seahawk precedents. Is Chip just leaving before the NCAA drops the hammer on Oregon?  Well, he didn’t leave. He’s staying at Oregon, hypothetical sanctions or not.

But what was really baffling about this situation, and any comparisons to when Carroll jumped to Seattle, is that Carroll only left USC for the absolute perfect opportunity in the NFL. In Seattle Carroll was granted an aggressive organization, complete control of player personnel hiring his own GM, and $7 Million a year didn’t hurt either.

Let’s make no mistake about it, NCAA hammer or not, Carroll wasn’t going to leave USC for just any job. He would have done it many years prior if it was just about going to the NFL. Carroll had one of the best jobs in the country already.

Tampa Bay did not present that kind of similar scenario for Chip Kelly.

After turning down the Eagles job once, we have to assume that somehow Kelly was able to get the Eagles to give. He probably got a huge amount of money and some serious control over personnel.

Of course Bevell and the Bradley are still drawing interest. Bevell is interviewing in Arizona and Bradley in Jacksonville, but the Seahawks have dodged a bullet. They haven’t dodged every bullet. Or at least we don’t know that they’ve dodged every bullet, but we know that this bullet is dodged.

For the Eagles, well, for the Eagles I have nothing. I’ll admit it will be tremendously interesting to see how Kelly’s fast-paced offense fits in the NFL. But I don’t care about the Eagles.

For the Huskies, right now, this is very good news.

It could mean that former Oregon assistant and present coach of a mid-major powerhouse known as Boise State, Chris Petersen decides he’d like to grab the reigns of a larger college. Petersen is a good coach it seems. But we know Kelly is a good coach and can handle the week-in-and-week-out grind that is major conference football. That’s not to say that Petersen can’t, but he hasn’t yet been a head coach at a large program.

What could turn this news on its goddamned head very quickly is if the Ducks aren’t as enamored with Petersen as we assume, or if Petersen isn’t as enamored with the Ducks as some speculate, and the Ducks come north looking for the Justin Wilcox, the Huskies defensive coordinator. There was some risk that Wilcox may leave for the Cal job this offseason, and when that didn’t happen and he didn’t garner considerable interest, it seemed like the Huskies were out of the woods, if only for a season. But with the Oregon job open, and Wilcox, a former Oregon player already located in the northwest, his status as the Huskies defensive coordinator may be in jeopardy.

But for now, feel free to dance on the tomb of the overthrown emperor. The Pac 12 just got easier, maybe.