Season ends in Atlanta; but Seahawks must remain positive

There’s always next year!”

Those words seem to be a pretty common thing Seahawks fans, coaches, and players hear every year, but the difference between the past and hearing that now is, the thought of it happening next year isn’t far too off. The Seattle Seahawks were 30 seconds away from advancing to the NFC Conference Championship, but some questionable play calls, prevent defense, and a “who called that timeout?” field goal doomed Seattle.

I’m not going to lie, watching that first half, I was angry. I knew I was not watching the Seahawks that I knew we were capable of doing. Seattle’s defense had no stop for Atlanta, and our offense didn’t do a good job at sustaining long drives that would have taken precious time off the clock. But, as Pete Carroll mentioned last week, you cannot win the game in the first, second, or third quarters. However, it’s good to at least make statement’s in those three quarters, we fell behind quick, but we were so close at the end of going to San Fransisco, this loss emotionally hurt.

There were more positives from this game though compared to negatives. As a member of the 12th Man Faithful, and the loudest fans in the NFL, I refuse to dwell on the negativity. To those that were ready to throw in the towel when Atlanta was up 20-0, shame on you. This team has so much upside and spunk, it’s amazing. The Seahawks are a young team and will only get better for years to come. I think the Seahawks going 12-5 overall, made us all over-joyed, and I know for a damn fact I am so excited for next season

There’s a King in every crowd.

Russell Wilson

That is the quote of, Russell Wilson. The quarterback, the general, and the man that has brought hope back to the Seahawks. For a quarterback so short, he’s done a damn good job at turning this franchise around. Of course, it doesn’t all fall on Wilson’s shoulders, but he is a huge asset to this Seahawks team for years. Drafted in the third round, you would have never though he would have beat Matt Flynn for the start. But he did, and the drafting of Wilson is just one reason Pete Carroll and general manager, John Schneider are the real deal. Wilson did not to exit interviews today, as he was WATCHING GAME FILM FOR NEXT YEAR. Who can ask for a better leader? Matt Hasselbeck can’t touch him, even though we all are thankful for the fun Hasselbeck brought us. But anyways, he was watching game film for teams next year, and Wilson plans to be one step ahead.

Put your best foot forward.

-Russell Wilson

Another quote by him, and another reason he’ll be wearing Seahawks blue for ages. Our time is near.

Some will wonder if we’ll have our defensive coordinator, Gus Bradley this coming season. He was interviewed at the team hotel in Atlanta, and many believe he’ll be the new head coach of the Philadelphia Eagles. People are upset because the Seahawks allowed him to do this during our run, and those are the same people that think Bradley’s head was not all into the game. Whatever the case is, if I were him, I would stay in Seattle. Stay faithful to the NFL’s number one scoring defense in 2012, the 12th Man, and your players. If he’s back, there is no doubt in my mind that he’ll be coaching a top five defense again. In the draft, we could address a new defensive back and some pass rush help to wreck havoc on opposing quarterbacks, the pass rush is something we need help on. We had basically zero pass rush on Matt Ryan on Sunday, and that played a big part in Ryan getting his first post season victory in four tries. Chris Clemons will still be in rehab when the new season is fully underway, so you can promise we’ll see somebody new.

Offensive coordinator, Darrell Bevell is also one that has been interviewed for head coaching positions, and this is one I’d be willing to let go. Our offensive was not exactly the greatest in the first nine games of the season, and I would think next season we need to be firing on all cylinders. There are no current prospects for replacement, but if we do happen to let Bevell go, I would think Pete Carroll would promote somebody off the current coaching staff or bring in a young gun. Let Russell Wilson take more command of this offense as well, because when he does in crunch time, good things do happen. Change is certainly coming, but again, I would support this particular move. Burn me on a stake now, because I know some won’t agree with me.

Seattle’s special teams unit needs some credit as well. Several times during this season, they have blocked punts, field goals, returned kicks for outstanding yardage, and forced opposing teams into dangerous territory. Expect to keep return specialist, Leon Washington as he tied Joshua Cribbs (Cleveland Browns) record of kickoff returns at eight. However, with rumor of the NFL taking away the kickoff, we’ll see if we even need special teams next year…

This 2012 Seahawks team has been amazing. We’ve had our ups and downs, we’ve thrown our share of things, we may have cried, but most of all, we saw what is coming. A hungry, strong, and passionate group of men who will be a force to be reckoned with next season. We’re all we got! We’re all we need! Remember those words, because that is true.

It’s time for my end of season rewards. Do you agree?

Russell Wilson-QB-Offensive Rookie Of The Year
Bobby Wagner-LB-Defensive Rookie Of The Year
Richard Sherman-DB-Defensive Player Of The Year
Marshawn Lynch-RB-Offensive Player Of The Year
Leon Washington-RB/KR-Special Teams Player Of The Year
Golden Tate-WR-Comeback Player Of The Year (From being too cocky, stealing doughnuts, and barely making it on the depth chart the past two seasons, he deserves this!)
Byron Maxwell-DB-Step Up Player Of The Year
Red Bryant-DE-New dad earlier this year, that alone is a reward
The 12th Man-The loudest and most passionate fans in the NFL.

Again, our time is near ladies and gentlemen. It will take time, but soon enough the Lombardi Trophy will be in Seattle.