Battle of the Birds: Seahawks-Falcons Playoff Preview

“That guy over there is named John Abraham. Breno, go easy on him, these refs are partial to AARP members.”

As I type this, the Seahawks landed in Atlanta a little over an hour ago. Getting ready for what I am sure will be an epic clash this Sunday morning when the Seattle Seahawks play the number one seeded, Atlanta Falcons in the NFC Divisional playoff round.

The last time these teams played was back in 2011, and the Seahawks lost 28-30. Seattle went 7-9 that season, and missed the post-season. The defense was not as strong that year as it is now, and the Seahawks were playing with a less than sub-par quarterback in, Tarvaris Jackson. However, the past does not help what will occur this weekend, the only past that will come from that game is the game film. Russell Wilson and the rest of his Seahawk team have probably watched hours of it to prepare for one of the biggest games this season on a national stage.

The Falcons boast a rested team, as they had the first round BYE in the post-season this year, and this could either mean great news or a terrible outcome. The Falcons may be too rested and thinking they are too good, and come in this game with cocky attitudes. Hopefully they are not, and hopefully they took advice from teams like the Packers, Cowboys, and Patriots who thought playing Seattle would be easy.

The reason I mention this, is because the Seahawks are the only team in the NFL that has a, “Legion Of Boom”. Atlanta’s wide receivers, while I show much respect to them, will be in for a tough day. Roddy White and Julio Jones will be going against loud mouth, Richard Sherman and bruiser, Brandon Browner. I call Sherman a loud mouth because I am simply stating the truth, be he backs it up. Don’t forget Earl Thomas and Kam Chancellor either, one of them will have to keep their eyes on Atlanta’s tight end, Anthony Gonzalez. If this isn’t the game for the defense to buckle down, I don’t know what is. Seattle’s defense will be facing one of their toughest challenges this year, as Atlanta averages almost 400-yards passing a game. However, the “Legion Of Boom” only allows opposing offenses to pass for less than 210-yards a game. Should be a great match up.

The second reason I mention this, is because Atlanta may be feasting their eyes on a rookie quarterback who they may underestimate. Russell Wilson beat out Matt Flynn to be the starting quarterback for Seattle, and for good reason. Wilson tied the regular season record for passing touchdowns by a rookie. That rookie was Peyton Manning back in his younger days. 26 touchdowns and only 10 interceptions, and a set of quick legs make Wilson put the fear in defenses. Wilson’s on-field awareness and IQ is simply amazing. He is the King in the crowd of the Seahawks. His maturity and sense is that of a veteran, not a rookie. Seattle has found a gem at quarterback, and it’s good to know we’re not in that hot mess we had a season ago at that position. Ring ring…ring ring…Tarvaris Jackson, please pick up the white courtesy phone please…ring ring.

The third reason is simply because of, “Beast Mode” Marshawn Lynch has his eyes on the prize, and that prize is a Seahawks win over the dirty birds. He sent some chills down some Seahawks fans backs, as his status for this weekend was questionable because of back spasms, but that status since then has been upgraded to probable. Lynch runs nearly 170 yards a game and never looks back. If he fumbles he hates it , if he doesn’t fumble he picks up other fumbles like a third basemen and runs for 20 yards. (I wonder if the Mariners are going to call him!) It’s clear Marshawn is in his stride, and there is no doubt in my mind that he will continue it, because Atlanta’s run defense gives up just about 125 yards a game.

This entry is more giving props than an actual game preview, but I figure props and getting the 12th Man pumped up is a little more exciting than lots of numbers at the moment. This game is huge on so many levels, and we cannot start slow like last weekend. Then again, I think that field was to blame!

Oh, and Trent Williams (the guy who punched Richard Sherman post-game) got fined, $7875. He’s an asshole for approaching Sherman with his helmet on and saying he was going to punch Sherman. How does one who wears the wrong apparel get fined more than somebody who punches somebody in the face?

Anyways, back to Seahawk positivity! It’s less than 72 hours to kick-off. Let’s all get our livers ready shall we?