Follow the Yellow Brick Road … To the Playoffs

Good feelings abound in the Emerald City.

And no, not from the celebratory THC that I know is pumping through so many Washingtonian’s bodies right now.

Playoff fever is about to be in full swing.

Maybe it hasn’t hit every Seahawk fan yet, but I assure you, after next week’s unabashed red-ass beating of the New York Jets, there will be hardly anything but positivity pulsating through the Northwest’s football fans.

And why not?

The road has been laid for this team to waltz into the playoffs without so much as a trip on the dance floor. 10-6 is likely, 11-5 is doable, and even 12-4, however crazy to think about from where this team started, is even in very fuzzy view out past the horizon.

And we don’t even need a wizard to grant it to us.

This team is amazing at home. With NY, St. Louis, San Francisco and Arizona left as the home schedule, it’s foreseeable that Seattle could run the table in their own building. That would mean only one road win against either Miami, Buffalo, (in Toronto) or Chicago would give them a 10-6 record.

The likelihood is that they will lose in Chicago, and it’s about a 50/50 chance they win against San Fran. But think about it. Other than those two games, they should run away with this thing. The schedule and tie breakers all point Seattle’s way.

With all this team has been through this season — a rookie quarterback, a stagnant offense, radio parody songs —  the fact that they could be the hottest team going into January no longer seems far fetched. It actually seems in reach, if not outright expected.

Where they go from there, of course, is completely up in the air. This is a team that’s struggled to win on the road. Games in Arizona and Detroit that they should have won, they managed to let slip through their fingers. But, is it so inconceivable that they will be able to figure out how to win by the end of the year?

Russell Wilson continues to improve from week to week. He’s now tenth in the NFL in passing touchdowns, and thirteenth in passer rating. The running game is as good as they’ve ever been, and the offense seems to have figured out, at least for the moment, how to score touchdowns in the red zone. While the defense might not be as elite or dominant as we thought in the beginning of the year, with the progress the offense is making, they might not have to be.

So click your heels, and say to yourself three times, “there’s no place like the playoffs.”

It’s going to be a fun winter.