Brandon League Was Terrible, and the Mariners Lose

Brandon League, what the hell are we going to do with you? Normally that would be a cute, endearing statement you’d say to someone before you mess up their hair and give them a slap on the back. If you did that to Brandon League you’d probably end up with a hand covered in grease and tattoo ink.

League has been pretty awful lately. We’ve grown accustomed to him being awful for a stretch of the season, but we thought it was over when he pitched a perfect ninth against Texas on Wednesday, striking out two batters. That clearly wasn’t over, as League gave up a hard line drive to Mark Trumbo to lead off the ninth. Then he walked Alberto Callaspo, which seems like a pretty bad way to start off the inning, but it would only get worse.

Erick Aybar put down a really bad sacrifice bunt directly at League, and League made a really bad throw inside of the bag at third base. That would score a run and leave men on second and third. They’d intentionally walk Kole Calhoun and then Howie Kendrick would come up to the plate and smoke a ball back up the middle that ricocheted off of League’s leg.

At that point League had faced six batters and recorded zero outs.

The Mariners are at a reasonably critical point in their season. They aren’t totally out of contention at this point, but if they keep losing games they should will they’ll be out of contention soon enough. Brandon League is an ok reliever, but he’s done everything he can to this point to be demoted from the closer role.

I’m running out the door right now, and now that I’ve turned this into a shit on Brandon League fest, I’d like to also point that that Justin Smoak’s homerun was only 371 feet last night. Sure, beggers can’t be choosers, but I’d like to see him hitting homeruns further. He’s hit only one homerun over 400 feet this year, and his average velocity off his bat is only 102.4 mph on his homeruns. More than a full MPH below average.