Seattle Mariners Series No. 10: vs. Detroit Tigers

The Mariners welcome back the Detroit Tigers who they swept the last time they faced them (in Detroit), though they’ll have a much tougher pitching matchup. They’ll see the return of Doug Fister from the disabled list in game one, and see Justin Verlander for the first time this season in game two. They’ll face Drew Smyly in game three, and not to talk trash about Jake Smyly, but he is the easiest matchup of the group. He also didn’t pitch against the Mariners last time around though, and may be a matchup issue because he’s left-handed.

Game 1

RHP Blake Beavan (5.17 xFIP in 30.1 IP) vs. RHP Doug Fister (2.51 xFIP in 3.2 IP)

Game 2

RHP Kevin Millwood (4.19 xFIP in 28.2 IP) vs. RHP Justin Verlander (3.27 xFIP in 45.1 IP)

Game 3

LHP Jason Vargas (4.00 xFIP in 43.2 IP) vs. LHP Drew Smyly (3.11 xFIP in 28.0 IP)