Another Frustrating Loss Towers Over Great Night For Seager

11-15. That sucks. This one was tough too. If the Mariners aren’t not-scoring for Felix they are wasting multi-homerun games by Kyle Seager. That’s a thing that happens. It just did.

The obvious positive of this game is Kyle Seager. I’ve been a believer that Kyle Seager will ultimately end up in a utility role, and that his game doesn’t make him a very good candidate to become an everyday third baseman. He’s doing a lot to prove me wrong. He’s already accumulated 2.8 runs according UZR, and has been an above average hitter. By definition that makes him a very good third baseman. I don’t know if he’ll sustain it, but if he sustains a large fraction of what he’s doing today he’s got a job in many MLB cities. Granted, it’s a small sample, but he’s officially +0.9 in UZR in about 40 percent of a season’s work. Exactly what we’d like to see at this point.

Brendan Ryan is struggling, and Brendan Ryan is becoming a scapegoat for the Mariners struggles. Ryan has been awful at the plate this year. He’s got a 53 wRC+, or in other words, he’s 47 percent worse than a league average hitter. He’s been lights out defensively though, and has been worth about a half-win. Unless Kyle Seager can play shortstop full time (which I don’t think he can) the Mariners have their best option at shortstop right now. Munenori Kawasaki is a fun story, but is basically the definition of replacement level. If wasn’t a goofy Japanese guy we’d probably be calling him Josh Wilson, and be a lot less interested in having him play every day.

It’s funny to me that Hector Noesi gave up three runs yesterday, and only three hits, but his outing was considered awful. Blake Beavan gave up five runs, nine baserunners, and two homeruns and will likely be applauded in his next start for “keeping his team in the game.” The court of public opinion has decided we don’t like Hector Noesi. I like Hector Noesi, but majority rules in cases like this. So fuck it. Blake Beavan was unhorrible today. He was far from good. If he gets called “gutsy” I’m going to lose it.

I feel like Erasmo Ramirez has been much worse than his stats would indicate this year. I also feel like somehow I’m quietly rooting against him because I am much lower on him than other fans and experts. I hate when I do that.

Today was yet another day when Eric Wedge seemed stupidly-stubborn, and yet another day when John Jaso didn’t start. There was a righty on the mound. Justin Smoak was at DH and Alex Liddi was at first base even though a pretty good right-hander was on the mound in James Shields. You make too much sense Eric Wedge. Too much fucking sense.

  • Anonymous

    I like Seager and think he can be productive wherever they play him, however if Liddi keeps producing he makes more sense at 3B.  BTW their college coach thought Seager was as talented as Ackley, he might be right.  Don’t care for Millwood or Noesi at this point. I trust 
    Beaven more and I’d like to see Erasmo get a shot myself and prefer Kawasaki to Ryan too.  So we don’t seem to agree too much, although I’m on board with Wedgie.  He’s starting to rattle my cage a bit.  Somebody has got to start making so decent decisions here pretty soon.