Tarvaris Jackson Let Me Fix His Twitter

So on Wednesday Tarvaris Jackson had a picture of himself as a Minnesota Viking playing against the Arizona Cardinals as the background of his Twitter account. I explained to him that that simply wasn’t ok, and that as a Seahawk he must update that picture. He didn’t object, but he had an issue.

You see, Tarvaris only uses Twitter from his iPhone. I don’t have an iPhone, so I didn’t know how to help him change the picture from his iPhone. But after some convincing, mainly T-Jack assuring I wasn’t some crazy guy out to ruin his life, Tarvaris gave me the password to his Twitter. You should check it out now by the way. After a couple of minutes his Twitter was fixed, I was happy, and so was Tarvaris Jackson.

  • Anonymous

    Our hero!  Who’s Tarvaris Jackson?  Sounds like a girls name to me, she a new cheerleader?.

    • http://twitter.com/NASORB Casey McLain

      Back in jolly old England you guys call Soccer Football, here we call Football Football, and Tarvaris Jackson plays football. 

      • Anonymous

        Won’t she get hurt?  Brave girl!