Washington Bracket Watch: Huskies Looking Good

Life is good on Montlake. Life is real good. Should selection Sunday be this weekend, it would be consensus to have the Washington Huskies in at least in some capacity, even if they are in the last four in play in round.

Ross against North Carolina in last year's tournament. The Dawgs were close to breaking through.

The Dawgs are riding a four game winning streak, including the last two being huge wins against Arizona at home and Washington State on the road. Washington now stands at 20 wins with at least three games remaining, all away from home, and with the fate of a potential conference championship in their hands.

We couldn’t ask for anything more considering how the season started, and how at one point it looked as if it were possible that the team wouldn’t figure it out.

Alas, Romar has worked his magic again. The team is again on its typical late season surge that has seen them win 9 of their last 10. As the season has gone on, roles have become more defined, leaders are slowly emerging, and the puzzle has once again been assembled. These Huskies are by no means perfect, but they are at least dangerous, which is all we can hope for heading in to both the conference and NCAA tournaments.

Assuming the Dawgs don’t fall on their faces in an LA road trip, winning at least one of the two, life will still be good heading in to the Conference Tournament.

So, here are what the bracketologists are saying about our Dawgs.

First, the RPI metric. The Dawgs are sitting at a solid 52 according to RealTimeRPI and the NCAA. Should Washington win a couple more games and that gets in to the 40s we should feel great about life.

Now, the brackets:

ESPN’s Joe Lunardi has us playing New Mexico as a 10 seed in the 10-7 game in Omaha, Nebraska. The winner likely to get Missouri. It’d be heavy home court advantage for Mizzou, not likely to see a Cinderella run from the Dawgs in this scenario.

Mike Huguenin at Yahoo! Sports has Washington at a nine seed, without naming the match-ups. This wouldn’t be quite ideal for Washington either. It’d have a tough first round match up against a Memphis, Alabama or San Diego State (Saint Louis is also an 8 seed here but the NCAA tries to avoid first round re-matches). The winner, of course, would get a one seed in the second round most likely.

Ryan Fagan of the Sporting News has Washington seeded 11 without naming match-ups, but as an 11 seed it is a scenario which could potentially match us up with Gonzaga, who he has as a six seed. The other 6 seeds he has are Vanderbilt, Florida State and Temple. With a win matching us against, likely, a 3 seed – Baylor, Michigan, Georgetown, or who we would hope for, Marquette.

The Bracketville blog has what is the most intriguing possibility for the Huskies, even though it might require the Dawgs to regress a bit between now and selection Sunday. He has Washington as a 12 seed matching up against Notre Dame in Portland. The winner getting the winner of Wichita State-Long Beach State. Dawg fans would be licking their chops with this bracket.

Rush the Court has a similar projection as Lundardi, UW playing as a 10 seed against New Mexico with the winner getting, likely, Mizzou.

Those are the big ones I could find, there should be more coming within the next 24 hours. I will update if there is anything interesting out there. You can find more brackets here as well.

It will be interesting to see where Washington could peak seed wise if they win out all the way through the NCAA Tournament. Here is how I think Washington would end up seed wise based on performance down the stretch. Should Washington lose two of their last three, including the first round of the Pac-12 tourney, we would probably be a little antsy come selection Sunday.

Sweeping in LA but losing in the Pac-12 tourney first round, we’d have to be confident about nabbing a 10 or 11 seed.

Winning all the way out until the Pac-12 tourney semi-finals, Washington might crawl their way up to a 9 seed, but I would admit that’s not exactly ideal for the Huskies.

Winning out all the way through the championship, UW could peak as high as a 7 seed.

Ideally, I wouldn’t mind Washington sticking where they are right now within the 10-12 range, where the perfect bracket storm could lead to a run, with as talented as these Huskies are and as well as they are playing.

We’ll see soon enough.