Mike Cameron Retires

Mike Cameron has decided to hang ’em up after 17 years in the MLB, retiring from Washington Nationals camp where he’d signed a minor league deal. You may know Cameron as the guy who replaced Griffey. You may also know Cameron as the guy who made everyone forget about Griffey as an outfielder.

Unfortunately for Cameron, he wasn’t Griffey at the plate. Not many have been. But Cameron’s offensive value was quite undervalued, because many media members chose to focus on his strikeouts. He struck out over 24 percent of his career plate appearances. He also had a 11 percent walk rate and a .195 isolated power. He even had some of his best years in Seattle,  accruing 19.7 WAR in four years. Cameron was worth 52.6 WAR in his career, which you probably didn’t know. I know I didn’t know that. I knew he was good, and better than perception would indicate, but damn Mike Cameron, you had one hell of a career!

  • Anonymous

    It’s a pity that defensive metric values were not appreciated as much during most of his career as they are now. Then maybe he might have gotten the respect he deserved.  The phrase “poetry in motion” runs through my mind when I think of Cammy.  I thank him for entertaining me and wish him well in what ever may come next.