Edwin Jackson signs with Washington

Edwin Jackson was supposed to be good. He's ok.

The day I first met Sean Kramer, I don’t know if there was a thing that I agreed with him on that had to do with the Seattle Mariners. He wanted to talk to me about Jose Guillen’s RBIs and how losing Jose Guillen signaled the demise of the Mariners. The sky was falling in his world. I called him Chicken Little more times than anybody I’ve ever known.

Today Sean sent me a text message that said this:

“We couldn’t sign Edwin Jackson to a f—ing one year deal? Nationals proves Edwin doesn’t care about winning, he wants dough. And proves our ownership is cutting payroll.”

There’s a lot of smart stuff in there considering how angry it was. It definitely appears that Edwin Jackson was going to the highest bidder. That’s why he’s still available in February. Does Jackson care about winning? I don’t know. I would imagine it is ranked somewhere among the tiebreakers he’d use if two equivalent offers were put on his plate. It seems like he cares more about money than winning, but probably less about winning than whether the Nationals have a Chick-Fil-A on their grounds.

Washington did finish only one game below .500 last year. And the NL Wildcard race is wide open. Their chances of winning are probably better than the Mariners. That’s not saying much though.

I think that the subplot though, which Kramer may have inadvertently unearthed in my skull, is that Washington may be a better location for a pitcher looking to prop up their value in 2012 than Seattle. Safeco is a better park to pitch in, sure, but now that Albert Pujols and Prince Fielder are in the American League, Jackson chose an entire half of baseball that used to be easier than the American League, and got much easier this year.

So if you thought that Edwin Jackson only wanted money, and when he went to Washington that somehow changed your opinion of that, you’re probably wrong.

If you think that the Mariners are cutting payroll, you’re probably right. I’m a huge fan of Jack Zduriencik. I think he’s the best general manager the Mariners have had, and has been handed an incredibly shitty hand to play with. He’s turned the Mariners farm system from one of the league’s worst to one of its best. On a few occasions he’s acquired good players in exchange for a pile of crap on top of a burning stack of money.

And the front office has cut payroll on him every year. Coming off of an 84 loss season the Mariners front office approved Bill Bavasi to sign Jeff Weaver for $8.3 million in 2007. Jeff Fucking Weaver. JEFF FUCKING WEAVER. That guy ate batting practice for breakfast and shits home runs allowed at 7:05 PM PST. He’s terrible. He was terrible for years before the Mariners signed him.

For the record, I’m not in love with Edwin Jackson the pitcher. He’s been a disappointment his whole career, and I don’t think he’s special, or offers enough upside that the Mariners should have sold out to acquire him. Maybe they could have flipped him at the deadline for something, but $8-12 million is a big price to pay for a mid-level prospect, and on a team that is a long way from being a legitimate contender, Jackson’s marginal value would be lost in a sea of summer losses.

Some people think he will be better than I do. Jack Zduriencik may be one of those people, and he may not. I definitely think Jackson is better than Jeff Weaver.

I’m really tired of talking about guys that play for, or have played for the Detroit Tigers.

Jeff Weaver sucked. He was a Tiger too. Those were his best years. At least he screwed the Yankees.

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  • Anonymous

    The M’s will find something better than Jackson to spend what he would have cost them to sign him. I think the team is cutting payroll this season so they will have funds next year to spend on filling any holes left after finding out this season who is for real and who isn’t. They also have to allow prospects and rookies time and positions to play so they can separate the wheat from the chaff.