2012 Seahawks QB Candidates: Jimmy Clausen

Jimmy Clausen, Carolina Panthers                          

6-2, 222

2012 Age: 25 years old

"Hey, Coach Rivera, um... you see my mom is here, and she came all the way from California to see me play, can I at least hold for extra points?"

What we like:

Average arm strength

Accurate when he has time

Average athleticism


What we don’t like:

Poor decision making

Not accurate overall

Doesn’t do anything well, or really even above average



At a point during Jimmy Clausen’s draft process there was some thought that he’d be a first round pick. The Seahawks passed on him twice, and he lasted until the 48th pick. Clausen became a victim of a new regime in Carolina, as the Ron Rivera led Panthers took Cam Newton with the No. 1 overall pick in last year’s draft. Clausen’s background in the Carolina offense means that he’s likely be comfortable in an offense that doesn’t force him to make plays constantly, and instead relies on the running game to control the clock, but that’s more of a luxury, generally speaking, than some intrinsic skill. Clausen was once a decent prospect, but in addition to the fact that we just really hate Notre Dame, he also started 10 games as a rookie and never threw for over 200 yards. He’s not a prospect worth giving anything but league minimum and a third string role, like another former Notre Dame quarterback Brady Quinn had to do in Denver.

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