Jeff Francis signs with Cincinnati

Jeff Francis, who used to be the future ace of the Colorado Rockies, and used to be a pitcher for the Kansas City Royals, and probably still is the veritable man crush of one Dave Cameron, is now a Cincinnati Red. The Reds agreed to terms with Francis on a minor league deal. The deal makes sense for the Reds, who had a rotation that included only one pitcher to start more than 30 games. That pitcher was Bronson Arroyo and his -1.3 WAR.

Francis’ main attraction was that he used to be a pretty good pitcher, and is still reasonably young (31 years old) and he used to get a lot of grounders and miss some bats. He doesn’t miss many bats anymore, but he seemed like a good fit for Safeco Field.

That he signed with the Reds makes sense from an opportunity-to-start standpoint. Even though the Reds traded for Mat Latos, Francis’ path to the rotation is probably pretty easy, and slightly harder in Seattle. However, pitching in Safeco compared to Great American Ballpark probably really doesn’t help set Francis up for his next contract. A minor league deal is an additional slap in the face, as Francis has flirted with and spurned the Mariners in two straight offseasons. Even moreso, he’s one of few players with witch the Mariners have a provincial advantage, as Francis was born in British Columbia.

Have fun in shitty Cincinnati, Jeff. I hope a playoff chase makes you real fucking happy.

  • Anonymous

    I don’t think the M’s lost out. He probably had less to offer than Forrest Snow (Pitch Forrest! Pitch!) who had a lower ERA in the AFL than Hultzen. Plus Forrest Snow has the most regionally appropriate name in the game.

    • Anonymous

      I think he is serviceable at his worst. I’m not as high on Forrest Snow as others, he’ll be an interesting guy to watch though.