2012 Seahawks QB Candidates: Mark Sanchez

Mark Sanchez, New York Jets

6-2, 225 lbs

2012 Age: 26 years old

Mark Sanchez may be following too closely in the footsteps of his predecessor Matt Leinart. Less GQ spreads, more film please, Mark.

What we like:

Above-average arm strength, decent accuracy

Above-average mobility

Has improved statistically each year though the Jets have gotten worse

Has played in an offense that poorly emphasizes his strengths


What we don’t like:

Will probably never be great, that’s why the Seahawks didn’t draft him in the first place

May have some bad blood with Pete Carroll

Questionable decision making ability

Is he really committed to football?



I wrote about Sanchez earlier in the year at my real writing job, the job that pays for this website and a couple pints during Sunday’s action. I’m not nuts about his skills, but he’s made minor strides as his team has gotten much worse. There may be lingering issues between he and Pete Carroll, who clearly didn’t think that Sanchez was ready for the NFL, or perhaps Sanchez will have some sort of epiphany that Carroll was right. In any case, the only way that Sanchez is available is if the Jets find a better alternative at quarterback (maybe Peyton Manning). The Seahawks may be willing to bet that Sanchez will perform better in an offense he’s better equipped for, but hopefully they won’t bet much. I’d be unhappy about any type of Sanchez acquisition that involved anything substantial being traded to New York, or any sort of significant guaranteed money being spent on him.

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