Rangers sign Yu Darvish for six-years, $60 million

Electrolytes, Yu. You'll need a lot of them.

The Rangers appear to have signed Yu Darvish to a contract worth approximately six-years, $60 million. It seems like the deal includes some incentives, as well as an opt-out clause after the fifth year.

This is nothing but good news for the Mariners. The Rangers were never going to let Darvish go back to Japan, and with C.J. Wilson in Anaheim the team has a huge hole in their rotation. The problem for them of course, is that they have committed about $111 million to a player in Darvish who has never played in the bigs (we predicted this). Wilson signed for five-years, $77.5 million, and has an extensive professional track record.

Darvish cost more money than anyone so far this offseason not named Albert Pujols (Fielder may sign for more). There are certainly some secondary benefits for the Rangers. C.J. Wilson signing elsewhere will net the team two draft picks, but they will probably be a sandwich round pick and a second rounder (since Albert Pujols ranked higher in the Elias rankings). It’s hard to argue that those picks are worth the $34.5 million difference in the money used on Darvish instead of Wilson.

Not only that, but there is no guarantee that Darvish is successful in America, and especially no guarantee that he’ll be more successful than Wilson would have been were he to stay in Texas.

The Rangers got better today. Today the Rangers are better than the Rangers were yesterday. The chances that the Rangers are better than they were last year—at least at the position that this move attempts to fill—are pretty low. And they paid a huge premium to attempt to get back to ground level.

Granted, ground level is two straight World Series appearances, but hopefully inefficient spending will eventually catch up to them.

  • Anonymous

    I think some of the extravagant spending by the Rangers and the Angels is going to hurt them in time, especially the Angels. They currently have a big spending advantage over the M’s but that will close a bit in 2015 when they renegotiate their broadcast deal. With JZ building from within they will be closer to equality from that point forward. I still think the M’s will show some decent improvement this coming season and time is on our side as the kids learn and grow.