Mariners sign LHP Oliver Perez to minor league deal

The Mariners have signed left handed pitcher Oliver Perez to a minor league contract.

Perez last pitched in the bigs in 2010. He pitched for Washington’s Double A affiliate last year, and had some success. When he last pitched in the majors Pitch F/X averaged his fastball velocity at about 89 mph, and his changeup velocity about 85 mph. Both of those pitches have become largely ineffective. His slider, arguably his best pitch early in his career, also has negative statistical value according to Fangraphs.

Perez does have a career 3.37 xFIP against lefties though, compared to a 5.02 against righties, and may make an interesting bullpen arm.

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    Jack throws another bod on The Pile. I love it! Moyer would have been a classic addition but then it would have hurt to cut him. It’s a good thing we have more catchers in the system so all the arms have somebody to throw to. When our pitchers and catchers report that’s going to be a crowd.