Nick Montana to leave Washington

"Hey guys, don't tell Keith I'm in his huddle...."

Weeks of speculation over the future of a back-up quarterback can finally come to an end. Nick Montana has officially decided to call it a career with the Huskies, and transfer out in order to find playing time. In a discussion with the Seattle Times Montana lays it out as such.

We can pretty much chalk up this news under the category “No shit Sherlock.”

The bottom line for Nick, is that this decision makes a whole lot of sense. This was pretty much coming as soon as Keith Price put a stranglehold on the starting job last fall. Let’s not kid ourselves, the coaching staff knew this was coming the moment they gave the job to Price. That’s why they put a premium on quarterbacks on this recruiting class, which even without Nick would leave the Huskies with four scholarship players at the position going into 2012. Sarkisian knows as well as anybody that this is a position in which he is going to have attrition, and it’s a problem that any coach in America would love to have.

The only reason Montana chose this program over dozens of superior programs was to play. That’s why the Washington marketing team printed out a bunch of “5” jerseys.

That’ll teach us not to start pumping out Jeff Lindquist jerseys prematurely, this time.

Keith Price has two years of eligibility left, and at his size, and with slight inconsistencies and durability issues it is very very unlikely that Price forgoes his last year to make the NFL jump. Had Nick stayed, he would be going into his Redshirt Senior year competing with Lindquist and Cyler Miles for one year of starting experience. That’s not why Nick spurned better programs at the time in order to become a Husky. He came here to play and to make a name for himself independent of the name he has from his father. Not at Washington, not anymore.

Instead, he will attend a Junior College that will give him the job right away and transfer back into FBS with two remaining years of eligibility, and will surely pick a place he will be able to start.

No Husky fan should blame Montana for this choice. He lost the quarterback competition, and respected Washington and our coaches enough to at least see the year out before making a mature and educated decision. It is the same path that Steve Sarkisian himself took, eventually ending up a legend at BYU. I’m appreciative that Nick chose to believe in Sarkisian and helped give Washington a little bit of a name with his commitment. And, who knows, maybe it was all the Montana hype that lit a fire under Keith Price to put a stranglehold on the job. The program was better with Montana, but we’ll be fine without him as well.

Washington will go into the fall with Price, Derick Brown, Lindquist and Miles all under scholarship next year. Washington also has Defensive Back Antavius Sims coming in, who will be an emergency quarterback.

If I were to make early guesses of where Montana could end up in 2013, I would say look out for a Pac-12 return. Colorado, Cal, UCLA and Utah could all be in search of new quarterbacks by then.

This is a map of Montana, not Nick Montana. If you didn't watch the Oregon State game you may not know that. He probably won't be playing in Montana.