2012 Seahawks QB Candidates: Brady Quinn

Brady Quinn, Denver Broncos

6-4, 232 lbs

2012 Age:28 years old

Has anyone ever seen Justin Beiber and Brady Quinn in the same room at the same time?

What we like:

Above-average physical tools

Hasn’t played much, may have potential left to fulfill

Will likely be inexpensive

What we don’t like:

No physical skills that are off the charts

Wildly inconsistent in terms of accuracy and production

Decision making is questionable

Has basically been beat out by Colt McCoy, Derek Anderson, and Tim Tebow


A lot of comparisons were made to Aaron Rodgers when Quinn fell in the draft. He was really the anti-Rodgers though, as many analysts thought he actually deserved to be taken fairly high, while Rodgers was the greater of two evils, as the 49ers took Alex Smith first overall as more of a need selection than him being the best player available. While Rodgers sat and seemed to progress slowly before taking the reins from Brett Favre, Quinn has now been traded once, and will probably end up unemployed at the end of the year. And while Quinn may have been in the league two less years than Rodgers, he’s actually less than one year younger than the Packers quarterback. Brady Quinn is as viable a candidate as J.P. Losman was when the Seahawks brought him in, but he’s not an upgrade over Tarvaris Jackson by any measure.

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