Tony Wroten to stay at Washington all Four years? He says so.

Take this type of statement as you will. I’ll take it with a grain of salt.

There is no doubt that there are facets of Wroten’s game that if he stays with Lorenzo Romar at least a year that can be honed and improved, such as shooting and becoming a consistent defender. But, then again, these are also things that can be worked on with NBA coaches even better without NCAA type restrictions of coach-player interaction in the practice gym.

As much raw talent as Wroten has he is a lottery pick this spring based on potential alone.

Then again, Wroten is also a kid that loves putting on for his city, and from the outside looking in I take away that he has a lot of pride following in the footsteps of Husky greats like Will Conroy and Brandon Roy.

There’s also no doubt that when the appropriate time comes Romar will sit Wroten down and that there will be a mature and educated decision made about what is best for him. So there is little to this type of statement from Tony, except for the fact that he obviously loves being at UW right now, and that is a definite good thing for Husky fans.