Seahawks 2012 QB Candidates: The Primer

Now that the Seahawks season is over, it’s time to start thinking about their quarterback situation for next year. We’ve already created our January poll of the month that asked what the Seahawks should prioritize this offseason. No matter where you think that quarterback ranks, there is no question that somehow the team needs to acquire talent at the position, whether the incoming quarterback is a rookie or veteran, or a starter or backup.

Anyways, these are the scouting reports we will put out, and hopefully in this order (though that may change), starting tomorrow when we scout Tarvaris Jackson. We may add to or subtract from this list as things become more clear, but that is the plan as of today.

January 2: Tarvaris Jackson

Andrew Luck

Matt Flynn

Kyle Orton

Jason Campbell

Brady Quinn

Robert Griffin III

Landry Jones

Ryan Tannehill

Mark Sanchez

Jimmy Claussen