Why we hate the New York Yankees in Seattle

The dark cloud forming over Safeco Field prior to this weekend has little to do with the gloomy rain we are so accustomed to.

It’s the evil empire making their 3,000 mile trek from the Bronx to the Emerald City. The Bronx bombers are in town, and forgive me for being blunt, but we hate them.

Screw the New York Yankees. While they may think they have much bigger fish to fry than the Seattle Mariners I can only hope that they’re walking into a buzz saw this weekend, facing one of the hottest teams in baseball.

So here are some of the things that have added to our hatred of the Yankees over the years:

– Tino Martinez –
We can only imagine what could have been. I will always have love for Tino because of his contributions in 1995, but it really sucked to have to watch

Tino as a Yankee. Disgusting.

him win four championships outside of Seattle. We didn’t do too shabby at first base after Tino though; Paul Sorrento,David Segui and their roided out biceps were adequete power in the Kingdome, but it just wasn’t the same without the guy that made Edgar have to put the extra ‘E.’ on his jersey.

-Alex Rodriguez
Self-explanatory. We hate Pay-Rod for Seattle based reasons, but ever since he left Seattle his personality has done very little to win over fans or even team mates. He’s become self absorbed and has none of the at least little semblance he had of being a kid having fun when in Seattle. You can hate Kobe or LeBron but at least they’re funny. Pay-Rod is a boring, monotone, robot of a jackass. The boos will rain in Safeco.

Kazu gives up a homer to Soriano

-2000/2001 ALCS-
It’s been ten years, but please do not ask me to get over it or forget it. The Seattle Mariners are one of very few teams in baseball to have never played in a fall classic, and the Yankees are a big reason why. We took game one in the Bronx in 2000, thanks in part to A-Rod going yard. John Halama couldn’t hold on in game 2 and the Yankees roared back to take the series in 6. 2001 hurt worse. 116 wins didn’t stop New York from taking games 1 and 2 at Safeco Field. It didn’t stop Roger Clemens(who was on steroids) from almost throwing a no hitter, broken up by Al Martin in the 8th. It didn’t stop Alfonso Soriano from putting the nail in the coffin in game 4 by going yard the other way off of Kazuhiro Sasaki. New York went to the World Series again.

-Hating the New York Yankees is the best tradition in baseball-
Crackerjacks? Playing catch in the backyard with your son? Carpi Suns and orange slices after a little league game?

No, none of it compares to the greatest tradition of all. Sticking your middle finger up to the Bronx Bombers. Just because.