Where Oklahoma City has the support of Seattle

I miss my Sonics, and I’m still angry about it. I’m angry at a lot of different people whom I feel are responsible for me losing my team.

The citizens of Oklahoma City are not any of those people.

Great fans, great people, and very deserving of a basketball team. It’s only unfortunate that the wheels set in motion at the time happened for it to be our team.

A little while ago I discovered that earlier this afternoon that Oklahoma City was hit with a tornado late Tuesday afternoon.

It’s been somewhat horrifying to be reading about the string of natural disasters in the Midwest from Tennessee, Missouri and now Oklahoma. We’re pretty blessed here in the Pacific Northwest to have our only weather atrocity be the propensity to rain too much.

So today I reach out to all of my fellow Seattle Supersonic fans to throw our support to the people in Oklahoma City and hope that they’ve seen the worst of it already.

At the end of the day some things transcend sports, and this is one of those things.

So to the people of Oklahoma, we still hate your basketball team, but we wish you guys the best. Please stay safe.