Nate Robinson shouldn’t have to choose between professionalism and loyalty

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Anybody follow Nate Robinson on twitter?

If you follow him as I do you probably noticed what I guess I would classify as a controversy following the Seattle basketball icon.

“OKC aka Thunder fans are the best on the planet #handsdown #WorDaApP #OKCfans should be a #TT” Robinson tweeted following Oklahoma City’s decisive game 5 victory over Memphis.

Seattle fans erupted. But they took it incredibly out of context.

Nate had to repeatedly answer to re-tweets implying his lack of loyalty to his home town and his betrayal of the Sonics.

‘Relax y’all #Seattle is my heart n soul #WorDaApP OKC is where I hoop so they are my 2nd home ya dig ?’ Robinson tried to explain.

He had to continue, the griping wouldn’t stop.

‘If y’all dnt stop trip n bout wat said bout da okc fans, Seattle y’all know y’all #1 in my life #relax I’m born in Seattle I play n OkC now’

The damage control had to continue.

‘All the Seattle fans please dnt be mad, & dnt take what I said in a bad way, we had great years together rainier beach, UW, kemp & Payton’

Only earlier today did Nate Robinson have to post one, last, press release like statement on his Facebook page.

‘Listen up y’all…Seattle is where I was born and Seattle is #1 in my eyes, but OKC is where I work and the fans have been good to me, so be happy for that! Wordaapp!’

And Nate Robinson is 120 percent correct in all of his statements.

Look, anybody who has had the pleasure to call themselves a fan of Nate Robinson throughout his Rainier Beach and University of Washington days know that his eccentric natured personality and his energy is a part of his allure as a player. It’s that kind of intensity that has got him where he is today.

He’s also one of the most appreciative players that we’ve had in Seattle in a very long time.

Admit tingly when he was traded at the deadline to Oklahoma City as part of the Kendrick Perkins/Jeff Green swap I was upset. Wow, talk about adding insult to injury. I even threw out a Timothy McVeigh reference on facebook. My emotions got the best of me and I regretted it. But afterwards I was able to put things into perspective. It’s just business.

Seattle fans have somewhat reacted with the same fervor and anger to Robinson’s comments yesterday. Nothing as bad as I threw out that day, but Nate Robinson hasn’t heard the end of ‘How could you do this to Seattle? How could you say that? Are you a real Sonics fan?’

It really is this simple, Nate Robinson has a job to do. He’s asked to carry himself as a professional and represent the team that he plays for. He’s fortunate to be in the position that he is in. Any Sonics fan reading this that tells me they wouldn’t take the money Robinson is making to be a part of the Thunder is a straight up liar.

What do you want Robinson to do? Demand a trade? Refuse to suit up? What would that gain?

Instead, this is how Sonics fans need to view this. We have one thing as basketball fans in this region and that’s the fact that we are one of the nation’s richest factories of NBA talent. The more Nate Robinson plays and succeeds the more proud we can be as basketball fans in this region. Especially in Oklahoma City.

You can take the NBA out of Seattle, but you can’t take Seattle out of the NBA.

His time in Oklahoma City is only temporary, but he will always be a Seattle-ite. He will always have his memories of the Sonics, as we all do. The worst thing we can do as Sonic fans is condemn him.

Which leads us to the other fundamental problem with how Seattle fans are reacting to his comments. Who cares if he gives OKC fans a shoutout? Fact of the matter is, OKC has great basketball fans. They’ve shown it. They’re great, the Ford Center is rocking.

But Seattle fans fail to rationalize this the correct way. Oklahoma City’s basketball support has NOTHING to do with us as fans in Seattle. For those who actually know what happened here ‘Fan support’ had little to nothing to do with the Sonics leaving town. We know the fanbase that we had, we know we know how to support an NBA franchise.

Oklahoma City has received Nate Robinson great with the support that he or any player deserves, and Nate Robinson is showing back love to fans that deserve it.

Hate the people that deserve to be hated, not the fans. And not Nate Robinson.

Keep doing your thing Nate, keep making us proud.

206 for life. Go Dawgs. Wordaaaaaaappppp.

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