Game 17 Notes: Mariners 6, White Sox 7

Wow, that was a tough loss. Not just the fact that we blew multiple plays in the field that cost us runs, but that Andruw Jones, who has been essentially a corpse for the last few years, beat us with 2 home runs, including a walk off in the 9th. It’s just one game, so I’m not too upset, and considering how poorly Ryan Rowland-Smith pitched (yet again) it shouldn’t be that bad of a loss. But man, after Lopez hit that grand slam (off of J.J. Putz no less) I thought for sure we were going to win. At the end of the day, it’s a loss that probably should have happened, but it still feels bad because it seemed like it was going to be a win that shouldn’t have happened.

Some (depressing mostly) game notes:

*Gutierrez was given a gift of a triple in the top of the first by the scorer. It should have been a double and an error on Quentin in right field.

*Andruw Jones absolutely crushed Hyphen’s “fastball” for a home run in the bottom of the first.

*Say what you will about Eric Byrnes, but he had a couple of excellent at bats in this game. In the top of the 2nd, he worked the count full (including fouling off a couple of pitches) before drawing the walk, then stole second by a mile. In the top of the 4th he hit a ground ball double down the third base line that probably would have been a single if half of the guys on the roster (Lopez, Griffey, etc.) had hit it.

*Quentin just smoked a line drive home run in the top of the 2nd…Hyphen was terrible tonight…if I were him I would be hoping Snell pitches terribly tomorrow, because if not…well he may be finding himself in the bullpen when Lee returns on April 30.

*Figgins may have had his best hit of the season for Seattle with that double off the wall in the top of the third. If it wasn’t for an excellent play off the wall by Quentin, Ichiro would have absolutely scored on that hit, and who knows how the game would have unfolded after that.

*As good as Figgins’ double was in the top of the third, Lopez’ first pitch infield fly was just as bad. Yes, he hit a grand slam that gave us the lead in the top of the seventh, but that doesn’t excuse him from a terrible swing at the first pitch of an at bat that had the bases loaded and no one out.

*Andruw Jones almost misplayed Casey Kotchman’s lineout to left field in the top of the third. If he had (there were runners on first and third at the time), the Mariners may very well have won the game.

*I don’t know how Jack Wilson allowed that ground ball to hit him in the thumb in the bottom of the third, but it may have cost us the game. Not only did Wilson have to be replaced by Matt Tuiasosopo (who can’t play short to save his life and went 0-3 with 3 strikeouts on top of that), a run scored in the inning because of it…a run that may have shifted the game in Chicago’s favor.

*Apparently, x-rays on Wilson’s thumb were negative. This is good news. If Jack Wilson was out for an extended period of time, there would have to be major changes to the roster, as Matt Tuiasosopo simply is not good enough to play shortstop every day. I would imagine Tui would be sent down and Josh Wilson would be called up to replace him if that scenario ever occurred.

*Paul Konerko crushed a home run off of Hyphen in the bottom of the 6th. RRS’s home runs shouldn’t be held against him too much…he is an extreme fly ball pitcher in general, and home runs should be expected…but I am VERY worried about the lack of strikeouts so far this season. If RRS isn’t going to strike anyone out, then he’s not a good pitcher. Period.

*Lopez’s grand slam in the top of the seventh was barely, and I mean BARELY, a home run. If that’s in Safeco Field, then it’s a fly out by 20 feet. Just keeping things in perspective.

*Eric Byrnes is insane. I can’t believe he dived for that Alex Rios double in the bottom of the seventh. He’s lucky Paul Konerko didn’t get home on that play, and only one run scored, because honestly that was one of the stupidest dives I’ve seen on a fly ball in recent memory.

*Andruw Jones beat us. Seriously. Andruw Jones, who had a .214 batting average and a .323 on base percentage last season with Texas, beat us with a walk off home run in the bottom of the ninth. It was his second home run of the game. I hate baseball sometimes.

*I also hate that Matt Thornton (former Mariner) dominated our offense over the last 2 innings of the game. Even though J.J. Putz (former Mariner) gave up the grand slam to Lopez.

This game frustrated the hell out of me, if you couldn’t tell. We probably didn’t deserve to win this game in the first place, but we had a 6-5 lead going into the final third of the game, and we blew it. Hopefully we play better tomorrow, because tonight was hard to watch.