Game 5 Notes: M’s 2, Rangers 6

-In a matchup of two former NPB players, Colby Lewis gave up a ground rule double to Ichiro in the first at bat of the ball game. If it didn’t bounce over the fence, it may have gone for three.

-It was hard to tell if Lewis was nervous to be back in the MLB, or because Ichiggins was on base, but he struggled with his command early.

-I like these straight behind the pitcher views, they show pitch movement  very well, especially from lefties, which is typically absent from the view over the right shoulder.

-Had excellent command in the first inning, and Josh Hamilton is still very strong.

-The Franklin Gutierrez commercial was awesome.

-Julio Borbon can buy a hit. Franklin Gutierrez made a great play in the third inning. And Dave Neihaus called him “Death to Flying Things.” On its own that’s a commentary on how blogs have invaded the world of sports media, as the phrase originated at U.S.S. Mariner.

– Colby Lewis threw 27 pitches in the first inning, and 32 in the following three innings.

-Vargas’ fastball, despite topping out about 88 MPH, seems to jump on batters.  Except Vladimir Guerrero of course, who never met a fastball to fast, or that he didn’t like.

-And Nelson Cruz, apparently.

-Jason Vargas pickoff move was decent, but that was much more on Arias than Vargas.

-And the FSN broadcast cut off a Gutierrez highlight.

– Ichiro’s caught stealing on a high fastball and perfect throw by Taylor Teagarden may be a poor time to ask this, but that step he has been supposed to lose, is 2010 the year he loses it?

-After the wheels fell off, Casey Kotchman hit his second hard-hit ball of the season. His weight distribution wasn’t perfect, but he showed that he is strong enough to drive a ball without ideal mechanics. In other news, he may be the only guy who looks intimidated next to Brad Adam.

-The Mariners continue to do everything poorly, some of this should change soon.