Best game in Seahawks history, comeback win over Green Bay in NFC Championship, recapped on Twitter

This Seahawks game was incredible. There were several times when this game was over.

The Seahawks chances of winning were revived from death about three times in the fourth quarter.

Russell Wilson threw a crippling interception – albeit off of Jermaine Kearse’s hands – then threw a touchdown. Then an onside kick. Then a touchdown drive. Then an overtime touchdown drive and a touchdown throw to Jermaine Kearse. The same Jermaine Kearse who had one of the worst games in NFL history for a receiver (all four of Wilson’s interceptions were Kearse targets).

Nonetheless, the Seahawks found an amazing way to win, and in so doing created an amazing outpouring range of emotions on Twitter. Here is how Twitter recapped this game.



1st Quarter


Opening kick.


Seahawks offside on third down. That brings up 3rd and 2 instead of 3rd and 7. Eddie Lacy runs for a first down.


Packers driving with Seahawks penalties assisting their drive.


Byron Maxwell with great coverage on Jordy Nelson downfield.


Richard Sherman picks of Aaron Rodgers in the endzone. Seahawks ball.


Then a tipped pass becomes an interception for the Packers. They return it to their own four yard line, but an unsportsmanlike conduct puts the ball on the 19 yard line.


John Kuhn runs for what is called a touchdown, but then is overturned. Then Eddie Lacy stuffed on third down. Green Bay brings their field goal unit on. Mason Crosby good from 18 yards. Green Bay leads 3-0.


Doug Baldwin drilled on subsequent kickoff and fumbles. Green Bay recovers.


First down for the Packers brings up first and goal.


Play in the end zone to Jordy Nelson fails on a bad throw.


Randall Cobb catches the ball short of the end zone. Green Bay to kick again. Crosby good from 19. Green Bay leads 6-0.


Russell Wilson sacked by Julius Peppers.


Seahawks go three-and-out.


First down Packers.


John Kuhn picks up a first down on third and short.


Another first down for the Packers.


Aaron Rodgers passes to Randall Cobb in the back of the endzone. Packers lead 13-0.


2nd Quarter


Seahawks go three and out again.


Third offsides penalty against the Seahawks.


Hands to the face on a third down incompletion gives Packers an automatic first down.


Earl Thomas leaves the game with an injury. Uh oh.


Seahawks stop the Packers on third down. Crosby good from 40 on fourth down. Packers lead 16-0.


Russell Wilson picked off on next play. Clay Matthews with a dirty block on Wilson.


Interception for Byron Maxwell.


Seahawks with their first first down of the game after a long time.




First completion for Wilson with 3:30 left in the first half.


Another interception on Wilson.




Finally a Packers punt.


Seahawks drive sputters first half to an end.




3rd Quarter


Three and out for the Seahawks to start the second half. J.R. Sweezy hurt.


Three and out for the Packers, thankfully.


Marshawn Lynch with a big run.


Clay Matthews continues to terrorize Russell Wilson. After a Matthews sack, J.R. Sweezy comes in and drills Matthews for a declined personal foul.


Huge third down pass to Doug Baldwin.


Incomplete pass on fourth down to Marshawn Lynch. Seahawks to kick a field goal. Seahawks fake the field goal, and Jon Ryan throws a touchdown pass to Garry Gillam. Packers lead 16-7.


Seahawks defense is revived, and the Packers go three and out.


Seahawks go three and out.


4th Quarter


James Starks with a 32 yard run. Richard Sherman hurt on the play.


First down Packers.


Seahawks force fourth down. Packers to attempt a 48 yard field goal. It’s good. Packers lead 19-7.


Regarding Jon Ryan.


First down catch by Lockette, who caught a bad pass from Wilson.


Doug Baldwin with a big drop on second down.


Marshawn Lynch with a run on third and six, and somehow picks up the first down.


And the Seahawks punt for some reason.


Seahawks force fourth down.


Another interception on a pass that deflected off of Jermaine Kearse.


35 yard touchdown pass to Marshawn Lynch with 2:52 left in the game. Overturned after the review.


Russell Wilson with a touchdown run with 2:09 left. Packers lead 19-14.


Seahawks line up for an onside kick.


Seattle recovers an onside kick!


Wilson with a 15 yard run and gets out of bounds.


Marshawn Lynch with a two yard run.


Luke Willson falls forward for a first down catch.


MARSHAWN LYNCH WITH A TOUCHDOWN RUN! Seahawks lead 20-19 before the two point conversion attempt. Wilson flushed out of the pocket, throws up prayer to Luke Willson, who somehow catches it and scores. Seahawks lead 22-19.


Packers start their drive on the 22 yard line.


First down pass to Jordy Nelson. Then Randall Cobb.


Rodgers with a first down run somehow.


Incomplete shovel pass to Eddie Lacy.


Another incomplete pass brings up third down.


Richard Sherman with a tackle behind the line of scrimmage, with one arm, forcing a field goal attempt.


Mason Crosby ties the game with a 48 yard field goal. Game tied at 22.


Regulation ends in a tie, and the NFC championship will be decided in overtime.




Doug Baldwin returns kick to the 13 yard line.


First down pass to Doug Baldwin.


Huge pass to Doug Baldwin.


Wilson throws a touchdown pass to Jermaine Kearse. Seahawks are returning to the Super Bowl.