Seahawks dismantle, then pummel the Carolina Panthers, recapped on Twitter

Seahawks fans have started to grow accustomed to the expectation of winning, and the matchup on Saturday against the Panthers was a good reason why. Though the score remained close through the game, it seemed like the Seahawks would force a mistake eventually, and that became a reality in the second half.

Cam Newton threw two interceptions, including a pick-six to Kam Chancellor that will quickly become the story of this game, but he narrowly escaped costly picks to Richard Sherman and Earl Thomas, and threw one to Sherman early in the game. The Seahawks also forced a fumble that they recovered in the first quarter, and all told the team had three turnovers and didn’t turn the ball over.

Byron Maxwell missed most of the game, and Tharold Simon had the formidable task of covering Kelvin Benjamin, and at times his deficiencies were exposed, but it shouldn’t be understated how physically gifted Benjamin is. Simon has mostly had a good season, and Benjamin has been pretty incredible as a rookie.

Ultimately, the Seahawks pulled out a 31-17 win, and the following tweets help to describe that victory.



Regarding the Patriots-Ravens game


1st Quarter


Jonathan Stewart fumbles after receiving a screen pass on the first play from scrimmage.


Three and out for the Panthers after a tipped pass on third down.


First down Seahawks on a quick bubble screen to Doug Baldwin.


Seahawks stuffed on a Marshawn Lynch run on third down.


Byron Maxwell.


Seahawks pressure Cam Newton on third down. He throws it away. Appeared to be grounds for a grounding call, though. Also, a personal foul call on Jeremy Lane on the punt return.


Seahawks go three and out.


Richard Sherman picks off a deep throw from Cam Newton, functionally as effective as a punt. Seahawks ball.


Russell Wilson, with plenty of time, rolls out and finds Jermaine Kearse deep.


Seahawks stopped on third down, in field goal range, on a pass to Ricardo Lockette. Lockette throws the ball in the Carolina defender’s face, getting a personal foul for unsportsmanlike conduct, and taking the Seahawks out of field goal range.


Regarding Darrell Bevell.


Shovel pass to the sizeable Mike Tolbert for a first down.


Michael Bennett forces Jonathan Stewart to fumble, Seahawks recover. Fumble credited to Cam Newton for some reason.


Russell Wilson lofts a pass to Doug Baldwin in the end zone. Seahawks lead 7-0.


Jonathan Stewart with a first down run.


First down pass in front of Richard Sherman to Philly Brown.


2nd Quarter


Cam Newton running the ball early.


After the Panthers had driven for multiple first downs, Richard Sherman undercut a route and nearly had another interception.


Newton with a first down pass on third down.


Can Newton finds Kelvin Benjamin on a sidearm pass for a touchdown. Game tied at 7.


Jermaine Kearse catches a deep pass from Russell Wilson for a 63 yard touchdown. Seahawks lead 14-7.


Kam Chancellor.


Facemask on Tony McDaniel moves the Panthers into Seahawks territory.


Panthers running the ball well.


Cam Newton fumbles on a scramble, and the ball goes out of bounds, bringing up fourth down. Carolina goes for it. Panthers convert.


Earl Thomas picks off Cam Newton on the two yard line. Except, Thomas appeared to lose control of it and it hit the ground. Now just a very dramatic incomplete pass.


Kam Chancellor comes up to stop a would-be first down a Mike Tolbert draw. Huge hit.


Kam Chancellor on special teams hurdles the line of scrimmage on a down called back by a false start, then again on a down and almost blocks a field goal. Misses it, but runs into the kicker.


Panthers finally kick a field goal. Seahawks lead 14-10.




3rd Quarter


Paul Richardson with a nice catch in traffic.


Paul Richardson attempts to make a catch downfield, pass incomplete, in the end Richardson is on the ground holding his knee.


Wilson sacked on third down. Seahawks punt.


First down pass to Kelvin Benjamin.


Another first down for the Panthers.


Newton driving without a pass rush, then a sack.


Seahawks force fourth down. Carolina to punt.


Byron Maxwell.


Russell Wilson with a first down run.


First down pass to Luke Willson.


Marshawn Lynch runs for 25 yards.


Holding call on Carolina.


Wilson runs for another first down.


After a Marshawn Lynch run.


Seahawks stopped, face fourth down.


4th Quarter


Steven Hauschka good from 37 yards. Seahawks lead 17-10.


Kam Chancellor having a hell of a game.


After a flag is picked up on second down, an incomplete pass on third down brings up fourth down for the Panthers.


Luke Willson with a big catch.


Regarding all the commercials.


Luke Willson with a touchdown reception from 25 yards out. Seahawks lead 24-10.


Bruce Irvin sacks Cam Newton.


A couple first downs for the Panthers.


Greg Olson with a catch in the red zone.


Kam Chancellor with a pick six. Seahawks lead 31-10.


After a big pass to Kelvin Benjamin.


Touchdown pass to Kelvin Benjamin from 15 yards out. Seahawks lead 31-17.


Robert Turbin with a big run, and Max Unger limps off the field.


Jermaine Kearse with a 33 yard catch.


Victory formation.


Seahawks win 31-17.