Discouraging Cactus Bowl loss for UW Huskies, recapped on Twitter for some reason

In today’s Cactus Bowl the Huskies had a chance to do under Chris Petersen something they only did once under Steve Sarkisian — to win nine games. The Huskies have had a tumultuous season, and they didn’t have a single signature win on their resume to this point.

The team had an opportunity to log a signature win against Arizona, but Petersen’s much maligned adherence to a faulty chart regarding late-game clock management gave Arizona the ball back with the opportunity to win. Petersen has been criticized for sticking with Cyler Miles despite apparent arm talent that has severely hampered the aggressiveness of the Huskies passing attack down field.

So the Huskies took on the Oklahoma State Cowboys with the opportunity for a strong out-of-conference victory, albeit against a 6-6 Cowboys team. Instead, the Huskies went down three scores early, and couldn’t atone for their early mistakes enough to pull out a victory. What follows this preamble is a gut wrenching documentation of how awful the Huskies were according to people on Twitter. Read at your own risk.



1st Quarter


First Oklahoma State first down.


Huskies force a fourth down. Oklahoma State goes for it, and converts.


Big play gets the Cowboys into the red zone.


Pass down to the two yard line.


Jim Mora thoughts.


James Castleman, who is a defensive tackle for Oklahoma State, takes a direct snap for a touchdown. Oklahoma State leads 7-0.


John Ross gets destroyed on the ensuing kickoff.


Huskies drive ends after one negative net yard.


Huskies force third down, sack Mason Rudolph and Hau’oli Kikaha causes Rudolph to fumble. Danny Shelton recovers his fifth fumble of the season.


Cyler Miles has looked really bad early.


Cameron Van Winkle misses a 43 yard field goal attempt.


Oklahoma State across midfield again.


Budda Baker cuts off a deep pass to make a one-handed interception.


Cyler Miles attempts to scramble for a first down on third down. Comes up short. Then pooch punts on fourth down.


Late hit flag on Shaq.


Big screen sets up third and manageable, which Oklahoma State converts.


Mason Rudolph catches pass from wide receiver, gains 22 yards.



Mason Rudolph with a pass over the middle for a touchdown. Great one-handed catch by James Washington. Cowboys lead 14-0.


2nd Quarter


Huskies punt again.


Oklahoma State goes for another fourth down. Converts another fourth down.


Shaq Thompson injury news.


Not news, but me too.


Oklahoma State kicks a field goal, this one is becoming a laugher. Oklahoma State leads 17-0.


Travis Feeney out.


Dwayne Washington with an 18 yard run, and Washington’s first down drought finally ends with about nine minutes left in the second quarter.


Another first down for the Huskies.


Huskies go for it on fourth and two. Oklahoma State sniffs out Huskies option play.


Oklahoma State driving.


Crappy pass interference call.


Oklahoma State lines up for a field goal but gets called for a delay of game, which takes them out of field goal range, and they will punt.


Huskies apparently pinned at the one, but it looked like the coverage player took the ball into the endzone with him. Should be a touchback.



Huskies punt.


Oklahoma State with a long touchdown pass. Go into the half up 24-0.


This is getting ugly.


Clock management.


Kasen Williams makes a great catch, but the first half ends on the next play.




3rd Quarter


Miles is bad.


After a drive extended by a couple passes and penalties, Jaydon Mickens runs a reverse for a 31 yard touchdown. Oklahoma State leads 24-7.


Ensuing kickoff, and the Huskies hit the returner at about the 11 yard line. He bounces off, and returns it to the 35 yard line.


Travis Feeney and Danny Shelton return.


Huskies finally force a three-and-out after multiple fourth down conversions from the Cowboys.


Cyler Miles looking vastly improved in the second half.


Kasen Williams having a game.


Cyler Miles nearly picked off.


Miles sacked on third down, and punts on fourth down.


Big Huskies names getting roughed up today.


Then a sack on a flea flicker.


Another big first down catch for the Cowboys. Then called incomplete. Reviewed, and it should be a catch. However, the ruling stands.


On the subsequent punt, John Timu is hit by the punt, and it is recovered by Oklahoma State.


Sidney Jones comes up with a crazy interception in the red zone. Play is under review as the ball could have hit the ground.


Cowboys good from 26 yards. Lead 27-7.


John Ross returns kickoff for a touchdown. Cowboys lead 27-14.




4th Quarter


Shaq Thompson delivers a big hit on third down, forcing fourth down.


Cyler Miles throws a pass in which his arm is hit. Marvin Hall turns around to try to catch it, drawing a pass interference call.


First down pass to Jaydon Mickens.


Cyler Miles tackled three yards short of the first down marker on a fourth down scramble. Turnover on downs.




Cowboys driving.


Oklahoma State good from 28 yards. Lead the Huskies 30-14.




Kasen Williams with a big catch.


Dwayne Washington with a first down run. But then Washington drops a pass in the open field on the next play.


Cyler Miles with a 16 yard pass to Jaydon Mickens followed by a two point conversion to Deontae Cooper. Cowboys lead 30-22.


James Castleman with a 48 yard reception. A 300 lb lineman with a 48 yard reception.


With 43 seconds left, Oklahoma State misses their field goal attempt. Huskies ball.


Cyler Miles runs for a first down and gets out of bounds with 13 seconds left.


Cyler Miles throws an interception.