Tweets which accompanied a Seattle Seahawks destruction of the Arizona Cardinals

During the Seahawks-Cardinals game I was at a Festivus celebration, so for today, here are a couple dozen great tweets about an absolute domination of the Arizona Cardinals, and a win which puts the Seahawks in the driver’s seat for the No. 1 seed, provided weird stuff doesn’t happen.

Russell Wilson had an incredible game, Marshawn Lynch had an incredible defense, and the Seahawks had an incredible day defensively. Ryan Lindley is still shutout of the endzone in the NFL, and the Seahawks gained nearly 600 yards on offense while Richard Sherman earned his fourth interception.

It’s not to say that the Seahawks weren’t without fault — they had 97 yards in penalties compared to the Cardinals five — but they dominated the Cardinals to an extreme extent.

As long as the Lions and Packers don’t end their game in a tie and the Seahawks win their Week 17 game against the Rams, the Seahawks will earn the No. 1 seed. Were the unthinkable to happen then the Cowboys would be tied with them, and since they beat the Seahawks earlier in the season they’d earn the No. 1 seed.

So here are the tweets.


  • Suq Madiq

    Can Hawks afford to keep both Wilson and Lynch this offseason? I can’t imagine us being where we are without them together

    • Casey McLain

      I think that you’re right to be worried. Lynch has been an integral part of this offense and the team has spent a lot of money on the defense in past years.