San Francisco 49ers come to Seattle, crumble before us and the Seahawks, recapped on Twitter

There was a time this season when it seemed to many people that the Seahawks playoff chances and prospects were all but dashed. The team probably never dipped below 30 percent playoff odds, and they’ve surely been helped by the quarterback situation in Arizona continuing to devolve. The Seahawks Week 15 opponent, the San Francisco 49ers, devolved in front of our eyes today.



1st Quarter


Carlos Hyde with a 38 yard run on third down, but it comes back a lot of the way after a block in the back penalty.


K.J. Wright sacks Colin Kaepernick just past midfield. San Francisco to punt.


Marshawn Lynch runs hard.


Seahawks drive stalls and they punt.


Three and out for the 49ers. This one could be a defensive struggle all day.


Football is easy.


Doug Baldwin takes a late hit.


Eric Reid with another penalty, hitting a defenseless receiver in the head.


Seahawks drive stalls in the red zone, and the Seahawks will attempt a field goal. Steven Hauschka good from 38 yards. Seahawks lead 3-0.


Long pass to Garret Celek.


2nd Quarter


Frank Gore stuffed on third and one. 49ers line up to go for it.



Frank Gore runs for an 11 yard touchdown on fourth down. 49ers lead 7-3.


Jermaine drops a 47 yard pass into Jermaine Kearse’s hands amid good coverage by Perish Cox.


Marshawn Lynch fights for a first down on third and one.


Pass into the red zone brought back by a Justin Britt penalty.


Penalty on Russell Okung.


Russell Wilson runs about 35 yards, juking defenders to gain two yards.


Wilson sacked, and Seahawks out of field goal range. Seahawks punt. Holding penalty on the 49ers on the return.


49ers driving.


Kaepernick avoids a sack, passes to Bruce Miller, who gains a bunch of yards. Frank Gore injured on the play.


Kaepernick sacked on the next play.


After a tackle for a loss on Kaepernick on second down, the Seahawks sack Kaepernick on third down. 49ers to punt.


Jermaine Kearse nearly makes an incredible catch.


Robert Turbin with a big third down run to the 50 yard line, and Turbin gets out of bounds so the Seahawks could preserve their two timeouts.


Then Wilson is sacked, losing nine yards.


Doug Baldwin with a great catch down the sideline when Wilson is given a lot of time. Seahawks take their last timeout.


Russell Wilson throws an interception on third down to Eric Reid. Reid returns the ball about 70 yards, which could have been the worst possible way to end the half. Play started with eight seconds on the clock.




3rd Quarter


Seahawks first drive stalls.


Seahawks challenge a catch by Michael Crabtree, and lose.


Kaepernick sacked on third down. 49ers to punt.




Marshawn Lynch with a big run.


Another big run for Lynch.


Pass to Paul Richardson inside the 15 yard line.


Marshawn Lynch runs for four yards and a Seahawks touchdown. Seahawks lead the 49ers 10-7.


Carlos Hyde hurt.


Seahawks take a timeout.


Another sack on Kaepernick for Jordan Hill.


Bryan Walters with a decent punt return.


Attendance record broken.


Russell Wilson with a big run.


4th Quarter


Russell Wilson finds Christine Michael in the back of the endzone, but Michael can’t keep his feet inbounds.


Roughing call on the 49ers keeps the Seahawks drive alive.


Wilson throws a touchdown pass to Paul Richardson. Seahawks lead 17-7.


Big TFL for Bobby Wagner.


Things are tough in San Francisco.


Bobby Wagner having a hell of a game.


49ers go for it on fourth and inches and convert.


Seahawks stop Bruce Miller on fourth down. Turnover on downs.


With five minutes left in the game.


Two straight sacks on Russell Wilson, who seemed content to keep the clock moving.


Seahawks bottle up return on long punt by Jon Ryan.


Bruce Irvin with a sack.


Kaepernick incomplete on fourth down. Another turn over on downs.


Jim Harbaugh’s career in San Francisco coming to an end, it appears.


Seahawks win 17-7.