Apple Cup Twitter Recap: Huskies dominate Cougars in Pullman

While the Cougars haven’t been good for quite some time, the Apple Cup has proven to be a dicey game for the Huskies. You’d think that they’d be able to pad their record, as in most cases in the past decade they’ve been the clearly better team, but history has shown that some truly inferior Washington State teams can win Apple Cups. That wouldn’t be the case this year, and in the tradition of, and in lieu of a Seahawks Twitter recap, here’s an Apple Cup recap, by you, the tweeters.



1st Quarter


Flag after a very minor bump on the opening kickoff.


Huskies force fourth down. Cougs to go for it. Luke Falk complete to Cory Littleton, who is short of the marker but also fumbles. Huskies recover and return it for a couple yards. Play reviewed. Overturned.


Dwayne Washington with a 51 yard run on second down. Huskies lead 7-0.


Luke Falk with return fire.


Another big pass from Falk.


Early game observation.


Fourth down Cougars, who will go for it.


Dom Williams can’t hold on in the endzone, Cougars turn over on downs again.


Jaydon Mickens barely gains a first down on 3rd and 11.


Joey Harrington.



Huskies punt.


Falk to Vince Mayle for 39 yards, ball at midfield.


Throwing shade on the domination.


Vince Mayle drops a third down pass. Cougars to go for it again, fail again.


2nd Quarter


Fourth down Washington, who will go for it.


Pass to Jaydon Mickens tipped and picked. Cougars ball.


John Ross called for holding.


Written down.


Kikaha sacks Falk.


Fourth and long Cougars. They will not go for it.


Hau’oli Kikaha is good.


Cyler Miles is less good.


Huskies punt.



Hit on Falk brings up fourth and one in Cougar territory.


Cougars punt.


Facemask on the Cougs.


Joey Harrington.


Another UW punt.


Vince Mayle fumbles, Huskies recover. Have the ball on their half of the field nearing the end of the half.


First down and a penalty.


Kasen Williams with a touchdown catch on a fade route. Huskies lead 14-0.


Joey Harrington.


John Ross with an interception.




3rd Quarter


Dwayne Washington with a 60 yard touchdown run. Huskies lead 21-0.


This following a personal foul on the opening kick, thankfully.


Falk sacked by Danny Shelton, who barrel rolled into a new gap before rushing the passer.


Cyler Miles and WSU’s punter.


Jeff Lindquist on fourth down throws a first down pass. Huskies called for illegal formation. Brings up fourth and eight. Then a real punt.


Kevin King intercepts Luke Falk.


Dante Pettis with a big catch on the sideline.


Cyler Miles runs for 18 on third and 15.


Huskies red zone drive stopped. Van Winkle good from 18 yards. Seriously, 18 yards. Huskies lead 24-0.


Joey Harrington.


4th Quarter


John Ross drops a touchdown pass from Jeff Lindquist.


Potential shutout looming.


Josh Perkins with a touchdown catch from Cyler Miles. Huskies lead 31-0.


Bowl game projection.


Another sack of Luke Falk.


Shutout averted. Luke Falk to Dom Williams for a touchdown. 31-7 Huskies.



Attendance announced.


The Pullman.


Garbage time touchdown for the Cougs. Cougs go for two, fail to convert. Huskies lead 31-13.


Huskies win 31-13.