Seahawks end excruciating weekend of football with a loss, recapped on Twitter

It’s been a tough couple days to be a fan of any Seattle football team. The Huskies lost in excruciating fashion yesterday, and today – bleh. The Seahawks had multiple opportunities to win the game against the Chiefs, and while nobody could have reasonably expected them to come to Kansas City and prevail without adversity, to lose an early start road game that they could have easily one is tough. Here’s how you, and many others reacted on Twitter during the game.



1st Quarter


Paul Richardson fumbles opening kick, Seahawks recover.


Three and out on the Seahawks first drive.


First down on a Jamaal Charles run.


Another first down, and Jamaal Charles is having a good day so far.


Charles crosses the 50 on a screen play.


Charles takes the Chiefs into the red zone.


Charles rushes to the one.


Seahawks force Alex Smith out of the pocket, he throws the ball away, bringing up third down.


Chiefs run weird option play. Touchdown for Charles. Chiefs lead 7-0.


Bad return from Paul Richardson.


Marshawn Lynch also having a good day.


Seahawks convert ugly on third down.


2nd Quarter

Run-fest early on.


First pass in a while to Luke Willson for a Seahawks first down.


Sack that would have taken the Seahawks out of field goal range negated by penalty, illegal hands to the face and an automatic first down.


Jermaine Kearse with a reception to take the ball down to the five.


Third down after Seahawks go empty backfield to no avail.


Touchdown pass to Doug Baldwin, and the entire Seahawks fanbase breathes a sign of frustrated relief. Game tied 7-7.


Not really, but close.




Charles dominating.


And the Chiefs driving.


Charles with a 16 yard touchdown run. Seahawks looked hapless on that drive. Chiefs lead 14-7.


Jermaine Kearse with another big catch.


Could bode well


Russell Wilson with a 14 yard run.


Third and long in the red zone after two runs.


Steven Hauschka good from almost zero yards, 24 to be exact. Chiefs lead 14-10.




On a first down catch, Travis Kelce fumbles, or doesn’t fumble, play to be reviewed.


Russell Wilson with a big run.


First down Russell Wilson to Doug Baldwin, Seahawks call second timeout.


Wilson with another big run, and their final timeout.


Illegal use of the hands and weird grounding call offset, Seahawks have it first and goal again.


Jermaine Kearse with a drop in the front corner of the endzone.


Another incomplete pass to Kearse.


Timeout Chiefs.


Another incomplete pass. Seahawks forced to settle for a field goal. Hasuchka good from 27 yards. Chifes lead 14-13.




3rd Quarter


Regarding screen play to De’Anthony Thomas.


Two way player.


Charles dominating still.


Knile Davis down to the two yard line.


But he was questionable before the game too.


Knile Davis stuffed on third down.


Field goal Chiefs. Chiefs lead 17-13.




First down Seahawks.


Wilson sacked on third down.


Ricardo Lockette ejected for throwing a punch.


Seahawks force a fumble on the first play from scrimmage after Lockette ejection.


Wilson given a ton of time, finds Luke Willson downfield.


Marshawn Lynch holds up at basically the line of scrimmage, waiting for help from his own blockers. Seahawks with the ball at the one inch line.


Russell Wilson touchdown pass to Tony Moeaki. Sehawks lead 20-17.


The return.


4th Quarter


Jamaal Charles with a huge run. Ouch.


Knile Davis with a touchdown from four yards out. Chiefs lead 24-20.


Marshawn Lynch having a day also.


Wilson escapes the grasp of Tamba Hali to gain 11 yards.


And another Wilson scramble.


The music hasn’t been good.


Max Unger injured.




Seahawks to attempt to score a touchdown on fourth down, Kansas City with a timeout.


Seahawks go for it on fourth down with the back corner fade. Reminiscent of a past offensive coordinator.


Two straight false starts on the Chiefs.


Third down pass in the endzone batted down. Fourth down Chiefs in the shadow of their own goalpost.


After a generous spot is challenged and overturned, Seahawks to go for it on fourth down.


Marshawn Lynch stuffed on fourth down. Seahawks turn the ball over on downs.


On second down Jamaal Charles good for seven yards. Third and one coming up.


Jamaal Charles stuffed on third down.


Chiefs punt downed at the four. This is where legends are made, or forgettable losses.


With a defender pulling him to the ground, Wilson completes a pass to Marshawn Lynch, somehow.


Huge pass to Doug Baldwin on third down, bringing up the two minute warning.


Russell Wilson sacked on second down.


Kansas City Chiefs timeout before fourth and 19 play.


Wilson incomplete to Paul Richardson. Game essentially over.


I had the leave right at the end of the game, and that’s ultimately good, because staying around to see what everyone said about this game would have been depressing.