Seahawks play down to their competition, squeaking past Raiders, recapped on Twitter


Coming into this game, for some reason, a lot of people were saying that the Seahawks weren’t going to have an easy time in this game. That seemed thoroughly inaccurate after the first quarter, but the Seahawks allowed the Raiders to get back in the game. It was an ugly win, and here it is recapped on Twitter, by tweeters.



First Quarter


First down Raiders.


Another Raiders first down.


Another first down, Derek Carr looking pretty good so far.


True fact.


Finally the Seahawks defense gets off the field after three first downs from the Raiders.


The ever-plump Sabastian Janikowski good from 48 yards. Raiders lead 3-0.


First down Seahawks.


Seahawks running the ball.


A pass to Marshawn Lynch for a first down.


Huge pass interference basically initiated by Russell Wilson on an underthrown ball to Jermaine Kearse.


Marshawn Lynch stopped at the line of scrimmage, but stays on his feet and scores a Seahawks touchdown. Seahawks lead 7-3.


Three-and-out for the Raiders.


Seahawks with a three-and-out of their own.


T.J. Carrie, who forced Russell Wilson out of the pocket on third down, returns the punt for little gain, but Oakland holds on the punt return.


Suck it, Niners.


Bruce Irvin with a pick-six. Looked really fast once he got the ball in his hands. Seahawks lead 14-3.


Second Quarter


Richard Sherman with an intercepton


Seahawks fourth down forced by Raiders. Steven Hauschka good from 34 yards. Seahawks lead 17-3.


On ensuing kickoff, Raiders fumble and Steven Hauschka recovers.


On third down, a struggling Russell Wilson continues to struggle. Seahawks forced into a field goal. Steven Hauschka misses from 46 yards.


On third down another Raiders fumble. Carr fumbles, Carr recovers, but Raiders will punt. Doug Baldwin gets brought down at the two yard line for some reason.


At least Lynch is talking to someone.


Wilson to Doug Baldwin after being flushed out of the pocket near the goal line. First down Seahawks.


Offense stopped again, Seahawks will punt after gaining 24 yards on the drive.


About Derek Carr.


Big screen play called back on a hold by Paul Richardson.


D.J. Hayden having a rough day.


Lynch with an easy run for his second touchdown of the day. Seahawks lead 24-3.


Seahawks keep drawing announcers who are past good/great quarterbacks for their opponents.


Sabastian Janikowski wide right at the end of the first half. Seahawks retain 24-3 lead going into halftime.




Third Quarter


Wilson really struggling, nearly throws a pick-six on third down. Seahawks will punt.


Punt blocked. Raiders recover in the endzone. Bleh. Seahawks lead 24-10.


Phew, first down Seahawks.


Marshawn Lynch with a 20 yard run. Flag down.


Russell Wilson with a shovel pass to Doug Baldwin for a third down conversion.


After a dropped pass from Luke Wilson, a run from Lynch, and an overthrow to Baldwin, the Seahawks punt again.


Raiders punt.


Another three and out for the Seahawks.


Big pass to Darren McFadden.


Seahawks stuff James Jones on an inside slant at about the half yardlineb, bringing up fourth down, Raiders to go for it.




Pass to Mychal Rivera, touchdown Raiders. Seahawks lead 24-17.


Kevin Norwood with a 19 yard catch.


Uh oh.


Wilson throws to Willson a jump pass kind of thing, which Willson drops, but defensive holding bails the Seahawks out.


Marshawn Lynch with a huge screen play. No flag, amazingly.


After a near-grounding play from Russell Wilson.


Fourth Quarter


Wilson with another ugly throw under duress.


Hauschka good from 30 yards. Seahawks lead 27-17.


Bruce Irvin with a big tackle to bring up third down.


Raiders punt. Doug Baldwin with a huge return.


Russell Wilson with another Houdini-esque third down run.


Screen to Lynch, and wouldn’t you know, a flag.


Another fourth down for the Seahawks, who will attempt a field goal. Hauschka good from 41. Seahawks lead 30-17.  


In the mean time.


Fourth down Raiders.


Big run from Robert Turbin.


A positive.


Russell Wilson throws an interception to the previously awful D.J. Hayden.


Interception overturned after review.


Seahawks stall anyways.


Facemask on Michael Bennett.


Tharold Simon with a big pass defense.


Mike Morgan with a big stop at the goal line.


Touchdown pass to Mychal Rivera, under review. Seahawks lead 30-24.


Onside kick to come. Seahawks call timeout.


Refs whistle next attempt dead.


Cooper Helfet muffs recovery, official emphatically signals Seahawks as it enters the scrum.


Seahawks win about as ugly as you can win.