Seahawks lose via trickery, their own stupidity, recapped on Twitter

Ugh. If you thought last week’s loss to the Dallas Cowboys was sad, this game made that game feel like a trip to Disneyland, or whatever tired metaphor you care about more. This week was rough. Really rough. It started with a ton of talk about Percy Harvin, and ended with the Seahawks defense in question, special teams in shambles, but the offense looking really good. The Seahawks remained heavily penalized, and the game ended on a really tough non-review of a would-be crucial fumble recovery.

Regarding the Percy Harvin trade


Oh, St. Louis.


1st Quarter


Uneventful 3-and-out for the Rams to start the game, highlighted by a great third down tackle in the open field by Tharold Simon.


Marshawn Lynch with a big second down run.


Sup, rookies?


Big gain on a slant to Doug Baldwin.


Seahawks drive stalls deep inside the red zone. Steven Hauschka good from 24 yards. Seahawks lead 3-0.


Huge kickoff return for St. Louis.




First down pass to Kenny Britt on third down.


Tavon Austin runs for eight yards.


Tre Mason with a touchdown, early on in his NFL debut. Rams lead the Seahawks 7-3.


Paul Richardson does exist.


Another dumb third down penalty pre-snap.


Seahawks punt.


Pass interference on Tharold Simon. Simon wanted an offensive pass interference.


And Tre Mason with another big run.


After a pre-snap penalty, Brandon Mebane with a nice tackle for a loss. Then a 15 yard penalty against Brian Quick.


2nd Quarter


Tharold Simon has had an eventful first half.


Shovel pass from Austin Davis to Bennie Cunningham (who had the big return earlier). Seahawks give up a touchdown on third down. Rams lead 14-3.


Jermaine Kearse breaks a tackle, perhaps breathing life into the Seahawks offense, gaining 17 yards and a first down.


Rams sack Russell Wilson, their second sack of the season.


Tharold Simon hurt.


Another sack of Wilson. Seahawks will punt.


Jon Ryan punt returned 80 yards for a touchdown. Tavon Austin faked out the Seahawks by acting like he was receiving the kick. Rams lead 21-3.


Another sack of Wilson.


Seahawks punt again.


Seahawks with a third down stop. Rams kicker Greg Zuerlein misses a field goal attempt. Seahawks get the ball back with good field position and three timeouts.


Wilson rolls left, throws across his body to Cooper Helfet.

Russell Wilson runs for a first down in the red zone.


Offensive line looking terrible early on.


Seahawks blow good field position, first and goal on the seven. Steven Hauschka kicks a 35 yard field goal. Rams lead 21-6.




3rd Quarter


After Lynch run, backup-turned-starting center Stephen Schilling goes out.


Paul Richardson with a great catch against good coverage. Pete Carroll can be heard yelling “great job Paul!”


Kevin Norwood makes his first catch.


Russell Wilson’s third down pass batted down.


First incomplete pass for the Rams leads to a punt.


Marshawn Lynch changes direction and gains seven yards for a first down, followed by a Russell Wilson run for another first.


Another penalty on the Seahawks offensive line.


Russell Wilson with a pass to Doug Baldwin, converting on 3rd and 17.


Russell Wilson under extreme duress completes to Jermaine Kearse.


Next play, Wilson runs for a 19 yard touchdown. Rams lead 21-13.


Austin Davis isn’t dynamic, but effective and can throw on the run a bit.


Seahawks sniff out end around to Tavon Austin.


Seahawks are banged up.


Seahawks force fourth down.


4th Quarter


Wilson with another first down run.

Russell Wilson with a huge run of 52 yards on 3rd and 10.


Russell Wilson with a screen pass to Robert Turbin. Wilson got kneed in the head on the play, Turbin appeared to be tackled by his facemask.


Lynch touchdown run negated by Alvin Bailey holding penalty.


Wilson rolls to the left, throws a pass to Cooper Helfet, who makes an amazing catch on the side of the endzone. Seahawks can’t convert on the two point conversion. Rams lead 21-19.


Big pass to get the Rams into the red zone.


First and goal for the Rams after a big Tre Mason run.


Touchdown pass to Lance Kendricks. Rams lead 28-19.


About the two point conversion complaints.


Jermaine Kearse with huge, 29 yard catch to get the Seahawks to the nine yard line.


Doug Baldwin with a touchdown catch in traffic. Rams lead 28-26 with 3:18 left in the game.


Rams get the ball back on their own 11 yard line.


Tackle for loss on Bennie Cunningham.


Great shovel pass from Davis after nearly being sacked.


Richard Sherman with a huge pass defense on 3rd and 3. Seahawks to get the ball back with nearly three minutes left.


Rams fake deep on their own side of the field. Earn a first down.


Tre Mason with a 9 yard run.


Tre Mason runs for a first down, fumbles, the ball is bobbled on the recovery and the fumble is not reviewed. Seahawks lose on a funky call.