Return of the Seahawks Twitter recap following saddest loss to Dallas Cowboys

At the beginning of the Seahawks season I had no plans of continuing to do these Twitter recaps. They’re time consuming, and sometimes they remove some joy from just watching my favorite team and my fantasy team have all-too-often opposite results. However, if you like these, thank Matt Holt and Matt Mikolas, otherwise known as Mrs. Akita and Slickhawk for the right amount of harassment necessary to bring them back. That amount was just both of them saying one thing one time, which was enough because I’m weak. This is a twitter recap of the Seahawks excruciating loss to the Dallas Cowboys.

From pregame, or regarding not this game:


Regarding Bengals-Panthers tie.


First Quarter

Seahawks get the ball to start the game.


Cooper Helfet with a first down on third and long.


On second down Russell Wilson scrambles to his left, fumbles off his own knee, recovers, and then dives out of bounds.


On third and long, Russell Wilson with a pass to Jermaine Kearse while moving to his right, 53 yard gain. Seahawks ball on the Dallas 14.


Early Dallas Cowboys defensive strategy, after an incomplete pass and a blown up Percy Harvin run.


Seahawks drive ends on a throw to Doug Baldwin, followed by a Barry Church breakup. Steven Hauschka’s field goal is good. Seahawks lead 3-0.


Cowboys convert on 3rd and 10 on their frist series.


On 3rd and 3, Seahawks put pressure on Romo. Romo’s pass incomplete, and Romo slow to get up.


Doug Baldwin blocks the Cowboys punt, Mike Morgan recovers and scores a touchdown. Seahawks lead 10-0.

After a pretty tough DeMarco Murray second down run, Cowboys convert on third down.


Then a big run for Joseph Randle.


Jason Witten catches a ball on the five yard line, first down Cowboys.


DeMarco Murray having a day without having a day to this point.


Second down pass almost picked off by Byron Maxwell.


Touchdown pass to Gavin Escobar. Seahawks lead 10-7.


Cowboys kick to Percy Harvin, who makes them remember why you don’t kick to Percy Harvin.


Controversial penalty called on Russell Okung. Russell Wilson sacked on third and 12.


Second Quarter


Seahawks stop the Cowboys on third down. But a penalty negates the stop.


Dez Bryant catches a big third down pass.


Cowboys driving.


Bobby Wagner leaves the game.


After being beat badly, Byron Maxwell somehow breaks up Romo’s pass to Dez Bryant.

Then is hurt on the play.


Dan Bailey kicks a field goal. Game tied at 10.


Bad Maxwell news.


Another 3-and-out for the Seahawks.


Another third down conversion for Dallas.


AND another third down conversion, this time on 3rd and 14, for the Cowboys.


Richard Sherman gets beat by Dez Bryant, then tackles Bryant by his ankles. Called for tripping.


Jason Witten with a touchdown from Tony Romo. Dallas leads 17-10.






Third Quarter


After another third down conversion for the Cowboys.


Pass interference, as Sherman having a rough time against Dez Bryant.


Bruce Irvin sacks Tony Romo, who basically sat down.


Seahawks finally stop the Cowboys on 3rd and 17, but DeMarco Murray didn’t make it easy, gaining 15 yards.


Marshawn Lynch with a 32 yard run.


Seahawks punt, but it’s muffed. Seahawks recover.

Russell Wilson runs for a touchdown. Game tied at 17.


Bad snap causes a Tony Romo fumble. Jordan Hill recovers. Seahawks have the momentum. Skirmish at the bottom of the pile.


Steven Hauschka with a 33 yard field goal. Seahawks lead 20-17.


Byron Maxwell’s absence felt. Terrence Williams with a big catch. Then Williams called for delay of game after spiking the ball.


Seahawks stop the Cowboys.


Dan Bailey with a 56 yard field goal. Game tied again at 20.




Fourth Quarter


Doug Baldwin makes an incredible catch on the sideline, Seahawks convert 3rd and 10.


Drive ends empty anyways.


Drive ends after a 3-and-out. Richard Sherman holding his own against Bryant at this point.


The crowd and fanbase rejoice as Marshawn Lynch converts on third down.


Russell Wilson attempts to throw the ball away, doesn’t get it out of the field of play, and nearly gets intercepted.


Drive stalls on a great defensive play from Brandon Carr.


Steven Hauschka kicks a 48 yard field goal, Seahawks lead 23-20.


On 3rd and 5, Dez Bryant makes an incredible catch against great coverage from Richard Sherman.


Huge catch on third down, 3rd and 20, after Romo escapes Seahawks rushers, and Terrence Williams drags the tips of his toes along a bunch of rubber grass.


Then a big run from DeMarco Murray.


DeMarco Murray with a 15 yard touchdown run. Dallas leads 27-23.


Wilson pass to Kearse.


Then incomplete to Kearse.


Then a pass high to Luke Willson, fourth down.


After rolling right, and after some contact with Jermaine Kearse, Wilson in complete to Kearse. Cowboys take over on downs.




Also true.


Cowboys commit a penalty on third down, leaving time on the clock.


Bailey field goal from 31 yards puts the Cowboys up 30-23. Seahawks have 1:09 left.




Russell Wilson throws an interception to end the game, basically.