Mariners trade target rumors and Jack Zduriencik, respectively

The Mariners have been tied to what seems like everyone. Here’s a quick assessment of a few of the trade targets they’re presently being tied to:

Jon Lester

Lester is a very good pitcher. He’s been very good in Fenway, and his skills and handedness seem to indicate he’s better suited for a stadium like Safeco Field. The Mariners may have to give  up a lot of future value to acquire him, and that would be a problem. Additionlaly ,because the Red Sox at least ostensibly intend to re-sign Lester, they may require more from the Mariners, Lester’s hometown team, and who may be a greater threat to re-sign him than other trade partners.

Chris Carter

From what I can see the only tie the Mariners have to Carter is being not interested in Carter. This is fine. He’s got power that all teams covet, and range in the outfield akin to a unicycle with a flat tire. It’s actually encouraging that Carter isn’t on the Mariners radar, as he’s only skilled really in the power department, and if the Mariners are looking for a right-handed DH, Jesus Montero is basically Carter’s equivalent if adjusted for ballpark.

Chris Denorfia

Denorfia isn’t the kind of guy that will excite the hearts and minds of sports fans. He’s a good-glove outfielder with limited offensive skills. He’s mainly limited by his inability to hit right-handed pitching, but owns a 128 wRC+ against lefties for his career. He plays in a pitcher’s park already in San Diego, so there’s no reason to believe that his suspect homerun power in Petco Park will be suppressed further in Safeco.

And also a word about Jack Zduriencik…

Apparently Jack Zduriencik is annoying to other front offices. This has become ammunition for anti-Zduriencik, hyper-pro-snark fans of the Mariners and baseball. I couldn’t care less if Jeff Luhnow gets annoyed with Zduriencik unless there is tangible reason to believe this has impacted the Mariners ability to acquire talent, or unless Luhnow attempts to take over the Mariners GM job, opting for the “just fucking let me do it” approach, which would be a happy day. All I care about is wins, unless they’re being used to evaluate pitcher aptitude.