Nobody’s opinion of Russell Wilson’s divorce matters

Russell Wilson and the Seahawks (for some reason) announced today that Wilson would divorce his wife Ashton. The divorcing couple asked for privacy from the public, but the public being the public, it said “fuck privacy, and fuck decency for that matter.”

I’m not the humor police. I’m not even the failed-attempts-at-humor police, normally. If I was either of those things I’d have to perform a citizen’s arrest on the oft-unfunny attempts at humor I grace these pages with. I’m not really any kind of police, but I do think it is kind of shitty that a guy like Wilson, who does so many great things in the Seattle community is subject to any kind of criticism for making a perfectly legal, mature, adult decision.

Look, divorce is like gay marriage. I don’t want to get one, and I don’t want to deprive people who would be worse off without one. I don’t know what is going on with the Wilsons’ marriage. I don’t even really care, to be completely honest. It’s not important. People get divorced.

This doesn’t change the kind of citizen Wilson is, or the kind of citizen Ashton Wilson has been. They’ve both been great pillars in the community.

It probably doesn’t change Wilson’s play on the field. As the child of divorced parents, I can say that in my sample size of one, divorce doesn’t happen over night. Any issues leading up to today’s news were probably preceded by substantial time of consternation and dread.

We may find out that the Wilsons have some sort of scandalous divorce precursor. We probably won’t find out though, because it’s none of our fucking business.

Here’s a bad way to deal with this news:


Russell Wilson is still a great role model

The idea that every good thing that the Wilsons have done is reversed by an act that is presently, generally accepted in Christian communities is asinine. These kinds of people give Christians a bad name. What happened to not standing in judgement? Isn’t this worshiping a false, and inherently flawed idol?


Love is dead

If your entire scope of love is based on a relationship with which you’re only familiar with what has been displayed in public, you’re fucked up. You being fucked up wouldn’t have been solved had Russell and Ashton taken their relationship to pay dirt. This is like living and dying on the relationships of the Kardashians. You’re an idiot.


Crazy speculation and bigotry

Fuck every one of you. Your ignorance doesn’t deserve explanation.


But these are fine, because they’re FUNNY, and IN JEST


And ultimately, if you need a pick-me-up regarding divorce, scan to about the 1:10 mark of this video