Everybody is leaving, this time Golden Tate

This offseason has been indicative of some things regarding Seahawks fans. First, a lot of fans aren’t aware of the downside of the offseason. This team hasn’t allowed its good players to leave in the past, and to a large extent, that has worked to their detriment. Additionally, people don’t like the offseason. While I’m obsessed with the Seahawks achieving maximum value from their limited cap space and pending free agents, some people just want all these cool guys that just won the city its first championship since 1979 to stay around.

So here we are. As the offseason began, had you given me a list of transactions I’d like the Seahawks to make, cutting Red Bryant, Sidney Rice, Chris Clemons, and allowing Golden Tate to take money elsewhere would have all been on the list. I’d have rather seen a first round tender on Doug Baldwin, and I’d like to see the team release or restructure Zach Miller, but for me, this offseason has been aces to this point.

The Seahawks cannot afford to keep everyone. Unlike the Mariners, who have a perennially silly budget, the Seahawks have a salary cap to deal with. Paul Allen has literally all of the money, but he can only spend so much of it on his team each year. This means making tough decisions, and for good teams, it almost always means allowing fan favorites to walk.

Today Golden Tate signed with the Lions. This was very little time after Michael Bennett had re-signed with the Seahawks, and this hurt a lot of people’s feelings.

Golden Tate has gone from pariah in Seattle to – while certainly not messiah – a guy that interacts with fans on Twitter and embodies everything about the “Always Compete” mantra that emanates from Pete Carroll.

But how good is Golden Tate? Probably better than we think, but probably not worth spending a bunch of money on. This team has at least first rights to Doug Baldwin. They’ve got Jermaine Kearse and Percy Harvin. They’ve been able to find guys in the darkest corners of the universe. Why pay top dollar for a No. 2 receiver?

Not overpaying for talent is a reality, Seahawks fans. Get used to it. It usually coincides with extended success.