Suspension of Cyler Miles and Demore’ea Stringfellow necessary, warranted, yet problematic

By now there are enough outlets reporting the altercation between Cyler Miles, Damore’ea Stringfellow, and an apparently-random Seahawks fan that there seems little doubt that at the very least an altercation occurred. There are certainly details to be filled in, but that the football program has suspended them indefinitely doesn’t bode in favor of their innocence, or their chances of ever wearing purple and gold in Husky Stadium again.

If you missed it, this from Kiro 7:

According to police reports obtained by KIRO 7, a white car pulled up behind a man as he walked along NE 55th St. after the Seahawks won Sunday night.

Two people, including one the victim identified as Stringfellow, hopped out of the car and asked him if he was a Seahawks fan.

Then they began hit him with “multiple punches” to his “left eye, chin, and cheek” before they hopped back in the car and took off, according to the report.

The victim searched the UW football team roster online and found the two players he said attacked him.

According to police reports, the same two UW football players were involved in a separate “scuffle” near Sunday night’s celebratory bonfire on campus. One was wearing a “Broncos hat.”

Miles is from Colorado and appears to be the guy wearing the Broncos hat.

This is a blow to the football program, obviously. Miles was set to replace Keith Price as the Huskies starting quarterback, and Stringfellow showed in the UCLA game last year the kind of receiver he could be, posting eight catches, 147 yards, and a score.

That in mind, senseless, ostensibly unprovoked violence is unacceptable. Athletes aren’t above the law, especially not college athletes, and criminals shouldn’t be given the privilege of a University of Washington education paid for by taxpayers.

So bravo to Chris Petersen. Institutional control starts at the top of the institution, and while football is important to many of us, Petersen is right not to turn a blind eye (looking at you, Florida “Stuebenville” State).

So far as the next Huskies season is concerned, the team has relative depth at quarterback. Troy Williams redshirted last year, and Jeff Lindquist was a four-star recruit in the same recruiting class as Miles. Neither is an athlete on the level of Miles, but neither is a bad athlete, regardless of the reputation Jeff Lindquist may have. Neither likely has the same ceiling as Miles, though both may be able to match the polish on Miles throwing arm.

Unfortunately for Lindquist, any advantage he may have had in an extra year in the program compared to Williams may be negated completely by a new coaching staff, as both he and Williams have the same amount of time in the present system.

The team also signed K.J. Carta-Samuels, a four-star pro-style quarterback recruit from California.

Replacing Stringfellow may be tougher. While the team has quite a bit of depth at wide receiver, they don’t have anyone — Kasen Williams included — with Stringfellow’s combination of size and speed.