The culmination of all great things: The Seattle Seahawks are Super Bowl Champions

Yesterday I experienced the joy of having one of my best friends sob into my shoulder, producing liquid expressions of pure elation, midway through the fourth quarter. I made new friends, and I hugged complete strangers, lifting them off the ground. I walked through the streets of downtown Seattle, partying with quite literally thousands of twelves, who poured out of local bars and restaurants, all of us having been witness to something for the first time ever. The Seattle Seahawks are Super Bowl Champions.

The Seahawks have made us feel like we have been part of their run to the Super Bowl, and we have made the Seahawks feel like we have been key to their success. At this point is seems true in both cases.

There isn’t a lot of analysis I can offer to the game, between the flowing beer and tears, screaming fan base, and the test of load-bearing posts at the bar we were in (we were upstairs), I missed basically all of the audio from the game, and most of the nuance.

But congratulations, twelves. We did it. They did it. The Seahawks are Super Bowl Champions.

  • maqman

    I thought about pulling essentially an all-nighter to watch the game and realized I’m too damn old to do that crap any more. Glad I got a good nights sleep, glad the Seahawks won and glad I missed such a one-sided game. I went to the first super bowl game in LA and it was pretty boring and have never been tempted to go to another. To the best of my recall most games are boring although the few really good ones are special. There will be baseball this month, now that’s exciting.

  • Harrison_Crow

    The question I have for you is exactly how many things did you personally light on fire?