Kevin Mather goes from guy of whom we didn’t know to Mariners President

This is a picture of Chuck Armstrong, because I am not sure Kevin Mather has ever been photographed.

Today we found out that the Mariners have named Kevin Mather as their president. Mather previously served as the team’s VP of finance and ballpark operations, which means something, though perhaps doesn’t mean anything as it relates to baseball operations, which will now be in charge of.

We don’t know Kevin Mather. That’s disappointing, which is weird because we DO know Lloyd McClendon, and for my money I’d have rather had a manager we hadn’t heard of. It’s not my money, and technically it isn’t all Kevin Mather’s money either, but he’ll ostensibly in charge of how it is divided, to some degree at least.

Some of that money, it would seem, can be attributed to Mather’s work, as Mather was purportedly heavily involved with the Mariners new TV deal.

The immediate concern is how this impacts this team immediately, such is the nature of immediacy. We don’t know if Kevin Mather intends to spend like a Steinbrenner, or (more likely) something less than that. We don’t know if he is a stat guy, and we’re pretty sure he’s not a “baseball guy.” We don’t even know his age, though a quick and free search on a background check website yields a Kevin Mather in Washington that is 51 years old. For whatever that’s worth.

Yesterday we didn’t really know who Kevin Mather was, and today we know that he’s probably young-ish, though not extremely young, and that Howard Lincoln and the Mariners ownership group liked him enough to make him president of the team. Then again, those guys are often perceived as idiots around these parts, so who cares if they think he’s good. Then YET AGAIN, wouldn’t those idiots be making the decision even if they’d hired LaRussa and all his grit?

Kevin Mather is a guy. He’s a guy that has a bunch of buddies we don’t like. It happens that we like something that him and his buddies own. Some transitive property seems to dictate that we don’t like Kevin Mather because his buddies, who we don’t like, hired him. But that would have been true of anyone, because it was his shitty buddies doing the hiring.

So Kevin Mather, Mariners President, and little else that we know of, apart from a guy with some rich buddies that we don’t like.

  • maqman

    He’s a bean counter and Lincoln’s front man. He can only do what Howie want’s him to do. He very neatly stitched GMZ into the responsibility bag if we have another crap season, ’cause he’s The Baseball Guy, not El Presidente. At best as it is now this club’s ceiling is .500, even with the $240 million Man on the keystone.