The best alternative to a twitter recap of the Seahawks-49ers game

As of right now there is something going on between WordPress and Twitter that will be resolved once WordPress makes their next update. That prevents embedding of tweets. This is much less nice, but it’s the best we have right now. Please check back for the better version of the post.

You’ll have to click through the links to read the tweets.



1st Quarter


First play from scrimmage Russell Wilson fumbles. San Francisco recovers on the 15 yard line.


Defense forces three-and-out, Seahawks escape with only a field goal against them. 3-0 San Francisco.


Three-and-out on the Seahawks next drive.


Red Bryant makes a big stop on Frank Gore.


Colin Kaepernick, clearly putting a lot of emphasis on the run, is stuffed on third down.


49ers down punt at the one yard line.


I don’t know WTF is going on here.


And I like this.


Damore’e Stringfellow trolling San Francisco?


Pass to Doug Baldwin that goes through Eric Wright’s hands, narrowly avoiding an interception.


Pass to Luke Willson dropped, but a legal hit draws a flag for unnecessary roughness.


On third down Russell Wilson is sacked by Navarro Bowman. Seahawks will punt.


2nd Quarter


Ricardo Lockette destroys would-be punt returner LaMichael James.


Richard Sherman called for defensive holding.


Calin Kaepernick runs for 58 yards to the 49ers 10 yard line.


One yard touchdown run by Anthony Dixon. Play reviewed. Call overturned, but Dixon scores on fourth down. 10-0 San Francisco.


Huge play after a scramble by Russell Wilson, who throws deep down the middle to Doug Baldwin. 51 yard gain. Baldwin shaken up on the play.


Fourth down, and Steven Hauschka comes out to kick a field goal. It is good. San Francisco leads 10-3.


Doug Baldwin news, bad news.


Beats commercial plays.


These will never go away.


With 4:20 left.


Better Doug Baldwin news.


Doug Baldwin doing his best Bobby Engram impression, making a huge 3rd down catch.


Russell Wilson makes a play that won’t have as much ink spilled over it, but shovels a ball to Zach Miller about fifteen yards behind the line of scrimmage.


Personal foul on a hit on the field.


Kenny Mayne is great.




3rd Quarter



After a third down conversion.


Beats rebuttal commercial featuring Richard Sherman.


Big stop from the Seahawks to start the second half.


Marshawn Lynch starting the second half hot.


40 yard touchdown run from Marshawn Lynch! Game tied at 10!




One of my favorite comedians.


Michael Bennett causes Colin Kaepernick to fumble. San Francisco recovers.


With Colin Kaepernick under duress, he puts an amazing ball on the hands of Anquan Boldin. Touchdown Seahawks. San Francisco leads 17-10.


Doug Baldwin with a huge kick return for 69 yards.


Drive fizzles. Steven Hauschka good from 40 yards. San Francisco leads 17-13.


Three-and-out for the San Francsico 49ers.


What should have been roughing the kicker is called “running into.” Seahawks retain possession on punt by the 49ers.


Doug Baldwin having a hell of a game.


Intentional Grounding to end the third quarter. Seahawks alternating amazing plays with terrible ones.


4th Quarter


After confusion that included Steven Hauschka coming on the field late, Seahawks go for it on fourth down. 49Ers go offsides, Russell Wilson has a free play and throws a touchdown pass to a well-covered Jermaine Kearse. Seahawks lead 20-17.


Dayn Perry is awesome.


Tough game.


12th man is deep.


Delay of game against San Francisco on third-and-one.


Strip sack, Michael Bennett recovers, returns the ball to the six yard line.


Pass to Jermaine Kearse on third down. Kearse fumbles. Seahawks recover. Fourth down on the one. Navarro Bowman twists his knee, obviously possesses the ball, but the play isn’t reviewable, and the Seahawks still retain possession.


On fourth-and-goal from the one yard line, Marshawn Lynch fumbles, and the recovery gets booted out to the 15 yard line.




Kam Chancellor intercepts Colin Kaepernick pass.


Slant pass to Golden Tate, who then lost yards, then gained yards, then lost yards, then gained yards. First down. Somehow.


Fumble on a designed-run leads to a pass by Wilson. Jermaine Kearse, blocking for the run, called for offensive pass interference.


Steven Hauschka good from 47. Seahawks lead 23-17.


Boldin catch.


Kam Chancellor’s mere presence causes Michael Crabtree to drop a pass on third down. Fourth down 49ers.




Richard Sherman tips a ball to Malcolm Smith, who intercepts it. SEAHAWKS ARE GOING TO THE SUPER BOWL!!!



Richard Sherman is intense.