Seahawks lose to Cardinals, a depressing Twitter recap

It’s not that the Cardinals are bad, but it’s that they made so many mistakes, and still managed to outscore the Seahawks — obviously — and also somehow get outplayed. I don’t want to wax too much about this game. It took a lot of liquid therapy to get to this point.

The tweets.


1st Quarter


Third-and-medium turns into a huge gain.


Kam Chancellor intercepts a tipped ball in the endzone, ending the Cardinals threat with 11:56 left in the first.


Seahawks don’t give up much punt return yardage. Close to the record.


Then a three-and-out from the Cardinals.


Another three-and-out from the Seahawks.


Big rush by Andre Ellington.


Richard Sherman picks off Carson Palmer, because Carson Palmer is Carson Palmer and Richard Sherman is Richard Sherman.


With 4:38 left.


After a bad drop earlier, Jermaine Kearse makes a phenomal catch behind him, while covered well.


Marshawn Lynch with a big run to get the Seahawks into the redzone.


2nd Quarter


Drive ends after penalty and incomplete pass.


Steven Hauschka good on a 27 yard field goal. Seahawks lead 3-0.


Another Cardinals drive ends.


Three-and-out for the Seahawks.


Another Cardinals drive ends.


A drive later, Cardinals convert third-and-sixteen.


Cardinals drive ends. Jay Feely good on a 39 yard field goal. Game tied 3-3.


Robert Turbin fumbles kickoff, Cardinals recover. Seahawks challenge and call is reversed.


Lynch run.


Russell Wilson passes up sure first down for a sideline pass attempt to Doug Baldwin, who doesn’t complete the process of the catch. Seahawks punt.


Malcolm Smith with the Seahawks third pick of the game.


Two runs in the redzone stuffed.


Field goal attempt by Steven Hauschka no good after false start penalty.




3rd Quarter


Big run from Russell Wilson.


Then the drive ends.


For real.


For fuck’s sake.


Golden Tate with a big punt return.


But seriously, three-and-out.




On third down, Carson Palmer attempts to scramble for the first.


Larry Stone.


Jon Ryan, MVP. Another Seahawks punt.




With 6:31 left in the third.


Boring game.


Much needed.


Seahawks sniff out direct snap, amazing play by Earl Thomas.


Jay Feely good from 46 yards. Arizona leads 6-3.


Robert Turbin fumbles without being touched on ensuing kickoff.


4th Quarter.


Pressure on Carson Palmer causes a floated pass, leading to a Richard Sherman interception.


Another three and out.


Boring game.


Jay Feely field goal is good. Arizona leads 9-3.


Big return from Baldwin, big catch from Tate, who fumbles but it is recovered by Jermaine Kearse. Kearse with a big catch. Seahawks in the redzone.


Russell Wilson with tremendous pocket presence, steps up and throws a pass to Zach Miller in the endzone. Touchdown Seahawks. Seahawks lead 10-9.


Third down, Palmer seemingly dead to rights, and then…


On a late Defensive Holding call.


Michael Floyd makes a crazy, and critical catch on the goalline, falling into the endzone for a touchdown. Being reviewed. Two point conversion good. Cardinals lead 17-10.


Seahawks drive starts at their own 27.


Play called an interception on the field. Bounced of some combination of the ground and Doug Baldwin’s bicep. Challenged. Bullshit. Game over.