Seahawks Dominate Giants to the tune of 23-0, a tune in this case sung by Twitter

Today’s Seahawks Twitter recap is shorter than most because I had a Christmas party to go to during the second half, but from what I could tell by what I saw on the muted TV at the party, I didn’t miss a ton in the second half.


1st quarter


After a Marshawn Lynch run.


Golden Tate is a good athlete.


First drive ends.


Clinton McDonald is having a season for a guy who wasn’t on the team the beginning of the season.


Pressure ends Giants first drive.



Marshawn Lynch is powerful.


Golden Tate drop ends second drive.


Steven Hauschka good on a 49 yard field goal attempt. Seahawks lead 3-0.


Remember Josh Wilson? Here’s what he’s up to.


Another punt for the Giants.


Robin Thicke song penetrates broadcast.


Marshawn Lynch, sometimes safety valve for Russell Wilson.


Another pass to Lynch on third down. Generous spot challenged by Giants, who win the challenge. Fourth down. Punt results in a touchback.


Byron Maxwell removes ball from Victor Cruz‘s hands. Interception.


2nd Quarter


This about Paul McQuistan.


Golden Tate is a weirdo.


You’re funny, ESPN.


Another Seahawks punt.


Richard Sherman interception. Just don’t throw to Richard Sherman.


Russell Wilson big pass to Doug Baldwin.


After another big pass from Wilson, a touchdown run from Marshawn Lynch. Seahawks lead 10-0.


Tony McDaniel in the game.


Jeremy Lane has the flat handled today.


Another Giants punt.


Too soon.


Golden Tate with a first down catch. Ended up being a pentalty, but was then followed by a 31 yard pass to Marshawn Lynch.


Touchdown pass to Golden Tate negated by penalty. Tate was out-of-bounds while running his route.


Steven Hauscka good from 44 yards. Seahawks lead 13-0, and this post potentially gets worse as I leave for a Christmas party.




2nd Half (When I was at a Christmas party)

(This stuff was tweeted while I was at a Christmas party, so I apologize if I have it out of sequence or misinterpreted)


Victor Cruz makes a scary catch.


Another Byron Maxwell interception.


Seahawks secondary is good.


It got out of hand.