Twitter recaps the Seattle Seahawks loss to the San Francisco 49ers

Ugh. The Seahawks lost, and despite team being two games ahead of San Francisco, and a game ahead of New Orleans with a tiebreaker in hand. That in mind, the penalties in this game and the mistakes made by the Seahawks made this game very winnable. They did not with this game, as mentioned in the second sentence.

So, tweets.


1st Quarter


Russell Wilson takes a big hit, loses the football out of bounds on third down.


Not sure what this is about.


Third down pass play that was borderline pass interference on Jeremy Lane. No flag. San Francisco will punt.


Golden Tate watch.


During second series.


Another Seahawks drive comes to a relatively nondescript end.


Alex Akita on Aldon Smith.


Michael Crabtree makes a big catch on the sideline to the Seahawks 15.


Colin Kaepernick stopped after a nine yard run by Bobby Wagner, saving a touchdown.


Seahawks hold 49ers to a field goal as a result. San Francisco leads 3-0.


Pass interference on Golden Tate, negating first down.


Russell Wilson sacked on third and long. Wilson was trying to call timeout but referees didn’t grant it. Subsequent punt blocked. San Francisco takes over at the Seahawks 34 yard line.


Is that a lot or not a lot?


Dr. Dre, making no fans in Seattle.


Phil Dawson kicks 48 yard field goal. San Francisco leads 6-0.


2nd Quarter

Big pass to Luke Willson.


Big pass to Golden Tate.


Marshawn Lynch rushes for a touchdown. Seahawks lead 7-6.


With 12:11 left in first half.


Non-PI and another pass defense lead to fourth down. Phil Dawson kicks a 52 yard field goal.

49ers lead 9-7.


K.J. Wright injured.


K.J. Wright out of goddamned control.


Russell Wilson to Luke Willson for a touchdown. 39 yard pass, Willson’s first career touchdown. Seahawks lead 14-9.


Big catch for Anquan Boldin nearing the end of the half. Flag down. Holding on Richard Sherman declined.


After a Vernon Davis catch.


Then PI on Boldin.


Touchdown pass to Vernon Davis with six seconds left in the first half. San Francisco leads 16-14 going into halftime.




3rd Quarter


On a third down pass to Michael Crabtree, Crabtree loses the ball. Carroll attempts to challenge, is denied. Seahawks probably recovered a fumble on the play.


Nonetheless, three plays later the Seahawks force fourth down, sacking Colin Kaepernick.


Jermaine Kearse with an amazing, full stretch, laid out diving catch.




Punt on fourth down, with a personal foul call on the facemask.


San Francisco driving, Byron Maxwell makes an interception near the goal line. Seahawks drive to start at their 3 yard line.


Marshawn Lynch runs the ball, scares me a lot, then Donte Whitner gets a taunting penalty. Seahawks out of the shadow of their own goal line.


Drive ends. Seahawks to punt.


4th Quarter


Chris Clemons sacks Kaepernick, forcing fourth down and a punt.


Max Unger out.


Then a bad pass on third down from Russell Wilson.


Holding on the punt.


News on K.J. Wright.


A lot of people complaining about the refs, but this is pretty good.


News on Unger.


Fuck Drake.


Another sack, another fourth down. San Francisco to punt.


Big return from Golden Tate.


This from Jo Koy.


First down catch from Jermaine Kearse.


Steven Hauschka gives the Seahawks the lead on a 31 yard field goal that I almost jinxed. Seahawks lead 17-16.


San Francisco drive starts.


Fucking Frank Gore.




Field goal kick for the lead coming.


Phil Dawson with the 22 yard field goal. San Francisco leads 19-17.


Interception for Eric Wright to end the game. Seahawks lose 19-17.


Max news improves.