Seattle Seahawks let New Orleans Saints know who “dat” is, retold by these specific tweets

Monday’s game had a lot to offer, and offer it did. No reason for anyone to consider any other team as the best in the NFL after the thumping they put on the Saints.



1st Quarter



Big play from the defense first play of the game.


Drew Brees goes deep on third down. Richard Sherman nearly intercepts it. Saints three-and-out on their first drive.


Michael Robinson lines up as a wide receiver (he used to play there), and Russell Wilson finds him.


Seahawks in the redzone.


Redzone fumble, rearing the ugly head of Marshawn Lynch never going down easy. Seahawks recover. Steven Hauschka kicks a 26 yard field goal. Seahawks lead 3-0.


Century Link is loud, I’ve heard. So has this guy.


Jimmy Graham watch.


Michael Bennett intercepts a deflected Drew Brees pass, returns the pick for a touchdown. Cliff Avril on the disruption. Seahawks lead 10-0.


It’s loud.


Nate Robinson is watching this football game.


Maybe not Jimmy Graham watch.


Jimmy Graham hit from behind, losing a would-be catch.


Another three-and-out for Saints.


With 4:53 left in the first, Seahawks with only one drive due to Bennett touchdown.


Noise watch.


Great play-action on third and short, Wilson throws to Zach Miller. Miller takes it down to the four yard line.


Through more than 12 minutes.


Russell Wilson to Zach Miller, touchdown. Seahawks lead 17-0.


2nd Quarter



Seahawks are popular.


Delay of game on the Saints on third down, in Seahawks territory.


First down Saints on a pass to Jimmy Graham.


Personal foul on Richard Sherman, ball to the six.


Jimmy Graham scores a contested touchdown. Seahawks lead 17-7.


Pete Carroll.


BeastQuake reference.


Saints blitz, Wilson is fantastic. Deep pass to Doug Baldwin on the money. 52 yards.


Noise record broken.


False start on Russell Wilson…


Big catch from Tate.


Fourth and one on the two. Steven Hauschka kicks a 20 yard field goal. Seahawks lead 20-7.


Seriously, record broken.


Fourth down Saints.


And this.


Third and long, pinned back deep, Russell Wilson coverts.


Seahawks driving.


Seahawks in the redzone because Russell Wilson is amazing.


Doug Baldwin catches a Russell Wilson pass for a touchdown. Seahawks lead 27-7.





3rd Quarter


Oh, hey John Ryan.


At 12:54 left in the third quarter.


Saints three-and-out.




Ricardo Lockette, fifth career catch. But is it a catch? No challenge, as Seahawks quick-snap.


On third and two, roughing the passer. Seahawks have a first down in the redzone.


Russell Wilson throws a pass that hits Kellen Davis’ facemask, is caught by Derrick Coleman, who barely gets two feet in. Touchdown Seahawks, because whatever. 34-7 Seahawks.


A roughing call. Against the Seahawks this time.


Byron Maxwell makes a play against Jimmy Graham.


With 4:31 remaining in the third quarter.


Russell Wilson attempts to pitch to Marshawn Lynch on a scramble. Pitch ruled a forward pass beyond the line of scrimmage. Seahawks punt.


4th Quarter




Ed Hochuli.


With 10:26 left.


No, NO, you get nothing.


Jimmy Graham, watched.


Seahawks win 34-7. Wow.