Seattle Seahawks almost lose, Seattle Seahawks win, and related tweets

For the second straight week the Seahawks have caused white knuckles for their fans, and for the second straight week they won a game, and subsequently will likely fall in everyone’s power rankings. The Tampa Bay Buccaneers are perhaps the worst team in the NFL, and the Seahawks barely got them into overtime.

One of the themes of every week in recent memory is that at some point fans become upset with Darrell Bevell’s play calling. I’m certainly not one to jump over his play calling when things go wrong. Play calling is a relatively small portion of the success or failure of a play, given that multiple players must execute and make decisions within their role in the play. That said, Bevell’s infatuation with pass plays inside the five yard line is a bit unnerving, and something that has many fans worried about the team’s long-term success potential with Bevell at the helm. It’s hard to argue in those instances.



1st Quarter


Early in the first drive.


After early success from Marshawn Lynch.


Wilson ends drive with a sidearm pass that is intercepted by Mark Barron.


Bobby Wagner with a sack on Mike Glennon, who had no idea he was coming.


Bucs end drive with a punt.


Lynch misses entire series.


Punt is muffed, but recovered by Tampa Bay.


Earl Thomas is good at football.


12th man causes a false start.


Brian Leonard gets a carry.


2nd Quarter


Earl Thomas makes an acrobatic near-interception on the sideline, and is subsequently called for pass interference.



Mike Glennon throws a touchdown pass to Timothy Wright in the back of the endzone. Bucs lead 7-0


Tampa Bay with a surprise onside kick. They were offsides.


Marshawn Lynch is still out, for now.


After another Seahawks punt.


Bucs have been surprisingly effective on offense.


Mike Glennon throws a pass to Tiquan Underwood for a touchdown. Bucs lead 14-0.


Jermaine Kearse fumbles the ensuing kickoff.


First play after the fumble…


Runningback Mike James with a jump pass for a touchdown to Tom Crabtree… Bucs lead 21-0.


I predicted this, kind of.


First half nearing its end.


Russell Wilson with a scramble after a blow to the head.


Pass Interference against the Bucs. Seahawks have the ball in the red zone.


Russell Wilson with a 16 yard touchdown pass to Jermaine Kearse. Roughing the passer penalty to be enforced on the kickoff. Bucs lead 21-7.


Brian Leonard picks up potentially critical first down, meaning they can run the clock to halftime.





3rd Quarter


Bucs driving.


Mike Glennon hits Tiquan Underwood’s hands in the back of the endzone… Underwood misses. Ryan Lindell’s kick is good. Offsides call declined by Tampa Bay. Bucs lead 24-7.


Seahawks drive starts on the 14 yard line.


Golden Tate‘s 19 yard catch takes the Seahawks into field goal range.


Then Doug Baldwin makes an amazing catch on the sidelines, because he’s Doug Baldwin.


Then, Russell Wilson runs the read option for a 10 yard touchdown run. Bucs lead 24-14.


Bruce Irvin hurt.


Bruce Irvin less hurt.


Golden Tate returns punt 71 yards, breaking about a half-dozen tackles. He did not taunt.


Ricardo Lockette makes a non-catch that is challenged by Tampa Bay to end the third quarter. Play is challenged, and somehow confirmed.


4th Quarter


After an incomplete pass, Steven Hauschka‘s 36 yard field goal attempt is good. Bucs lead 24-17.


Mike Glennon is sacked, kind off. Bucs forced to punt.


Wilson hit on completion to Doug Baldwin.


Another big catch by Baldwin.


Wilson throws Jermaine Kearse open with a beautiful back shoulder pass on third down, taking the Seahawks down to the three yard line.


Then an interception…


… with a facemask penalty against the Seahawks on the return.


Seahawks stop the Bucs.


Unger hurt.


Marshawn Lynch fights for a first down.


Then a big pass to Zach Miller.


Marshawn Lynch runs for another first down on third down.


Two minute warning.


Next play is a touchdown pass to Doug Baldwin. Game tied at 24.


Glennon picks up a first down with his legs.


Glennon throws the ball away.


Earl Thomas makes a great tackle in the open field.


Earl Thomas hits Mike Glennon in the open field, bringing up 4th and 3.


Bucs Punt.



Pass to Marshawn Lynch, time runs out. Headed to overtime.




Mike Glennon scrambles out of bounds on the first play of overtime.


Seahawks stuff Mike James on second down.


Glennon sacked on third down. Bucs will punt.


Long Lynch run.


Doug Baldwin makes another huge reception in traffic.


Marshawn Lynch with a 14 yard run to the 19 yard line.


AND ANOTHER LYNCH RUN, to the six yard line.


Weird play where Russell Wilson gives himself up in the middle of the field. Ball is stripped. Wilson rightly called down. Steven Hauschka’s field goal is good. Seahawks win 27-24.


Holy shit.


Other stuff.


Pete Carroll and timeouts.


Mike Glennon looks weird.


Blame Obama.